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You Talk The Talk, Zeschuk…

…can you walk the walk?

18 Responses to You Talk The Talk, Zeschuk…

  1. tbosky

    and here’s the key phrase, “create stuff that seems richer to the player.” Cue the smoke and mirrors.

  2. youri_zoutman

    If that means getting to the space battles quicker, oh hell yeah!

  3. the_fallen_

    This is a positive, especially seeing as we’ll probably see hints in the downloadable content thats basically going to be a bunch of side quests.

  4. insektmute

    I’d just like to see a more diverse, interesting crew for you to hang out with. For the most part, I didn’t really like any of the group enough to really care about any of them. I chose to hook up with the alien girl mostly because she was the least annoying.

  5. insektmute

    I predict intergalactic banner ads.

  6. fallingisfunny


    Somehow, it took me until just last week to find out that you had a blog!

    I just started playing MASS EFFECT yesterday and it’s reminding me how easy I get addicted to things like this. I haven’t played an RPG in years…KOTOR 1 was probably the last game that I completed. BioWare seems to have done it again though. I’m really enjoying it so far. I take it you’ve been through the DLC already?

  7. admin

    I have no opinion as yet — the Sherlock Holmes quote about it “being a capital mistake to theorize without data” comes to mind. It’s nice promise, and evoking the memory of BGII scores points with me, but this is definitely a wait-and-see situation, I think.

  8. admin

    Re: Greg!

    Hey, kiddo (though you’re hardly a kiddo anymore, I know, I know)!

    Haven’t played the DLC yet; saving it for this weekend. Have to finish two scripts tomorrow before I can reward myself.

    Any chance you and your fella are going to be out this way soon?

  9. admin

    I actually quite liked Wrex and Garus — Garus especially; I’d have liked more with him, frankly, than just the “Doctor Saleon” beat.

  10. fallingisfunny

    Re: Greg!

    Funny you ask that as we just purchased plane tickets to head up that way for my birthday next month! We get in on April 3rd and leave the 9th. I haven’t told anyone yet, but we’re coming up with the hopes to start a *move* for this summer. Needless to say, I’m excited :)

  11. jonlaw

    Why don’t you just ask them to let you write it for them?

    Of course, that might spoil your fun in playing it.

    Still, lead by example I always say.

  12. insektmute

    Hrm, good point. I’d forgotten about them a little bit, I suppose because I tend to gravitate more towards female characters. It’s a planned trilogy, so maybe they’ll get a bit more of the spotlight next time around.

  13. admin

    I suspect that’s much harder done than said.

  14. jonlaw

    No doubt getting them to agree would be hard, especially to realize that paying properly for story is more critical than a lot of other things that will go into the game.

    Telling them you are interested is probably more straightforward, if you really want it.

  15. kali921

    My mother approved this message.

    Hey, Greg, I just wanted you to know that I sent my mom your entire run of Wonder Woman in trade paperback for her to read. She lives in a nursing home and, unbelievably, is way behind on WW. She’s the one that introduced me to Diana, who’s been her absolute favorite since she was a little girl in the forties.

    She started reading, and called me to tell me how much she’s loving it thus far. My mom’s a tough audience and a diehard intellectual with sophisticated tastes, so…that’s high praise coming from her!

  16. admin

    Re: My mother approved this message.

    Well, that is pretty damn cool, I have to say. Thank you for sharing this!

  17. admin

    Re: Greg!

    Yes! Come! Stay!

    Can’t wait to see you guys!

  18. kali921

    Re: My mother approved this message.

    Anything I can do to support the cause, sir. I take it things haven’t been so good on your end of late, and they sure haven’t been so good on mine, so it’s time to spread positive vibes.

    You know, despite my occasional outbursts of vitriol directed at what disappoints me in the medium of sequential literature (and…ah…at certain creators and mega events), I actually love more than I hate, which is why I’m still in comics fandom!

    Now, I’m bracing for the incoming barrage of continuity questions from mom. I’ll eventually have to show her that Diana got back into white for her return to Diana Prince phase in 2006 and 2007…along with the inevitable searching questions (to quote Pratchett) about what is this nonsense of sobbing about not understanding Man’s World.

    Now get back to work on Daredevil! Please? :-D

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