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Winning the War and Other Things

Finished Call of Duty 4. Which is to say that I finished the single-player campaign on wussy mode. I am now (again, in my copious free time) playing through on You Will Die A Lot mode, which is a great example of truth in advertising, as that is exactly what I’m doing.

Some wonderful things in this game, in my opinion. The ad campaign, which I’m sure many of y’all have seen, runs on a riff of “times change, weapons change, nations change, soldiers stay the same,” and it’s actually a fairly clear mission statement of Infinity Ward’s approach to the game. Once again, they did a terrific job of creating a game that is fun to play without abandoning at least a token nod to reality. Those who’ve played it and reached then end of the Force Recon string will understand what I’m talking about; those who haven’t and are going to, let’s just say that they spent time and energy programming a section of gameplay that is entirely about not being able to do a damn thing, and not only does it work, but it works quite effectively.

I’m a little torn about the ending, but that’s just my sentimental side, I think. The biggest problem — and in CoD 4′s case, it’s truly minor, though casting back to thoughts of Medal of Honor: Airborne, far moreso — is the apparent need to make games in this genre feel like war movies, a genre entirely defined, at this point, by cliché. CoD4 managed to avoid this, for the most part, though the ending was depressingly reminiscent of Bad Boys. Thankfully nowhere as stupid.

Crime Bible #2 hits tomorrow, “The Lesson of Lust”, and you just know with a title like that, someone is going to be offended, which, I suppose, means I’m doing my job.

In honor of the Coming of The Second Issue, then, I post the following preview art.

By Matthew Clark, from #3, “The Lesson of Greed”:

By Manuel Garcia, from #5, “The Parable of the Faceless”:

See? Who says I can’t share the love?

Happy belated birthday, jonlaw!!! Good Lord, we’ve known each other a long time, haven’t we?

9 Responses to Winning the War and Other Things

  1. kali921


    Oh my GOD, is Renee fighting in a wifebeater?!

    That’s STUPENDOUSLY awesome, sir. Have we had a macro thread on your journal yet? If not, can I start one in celebration?

    The first page – I’m loving on the inks.

    Also, I responded to your e-mail with five pages of links, and hope that it went through! (I sent it off last week, hope you got it?)

  2. jmorse

    Damnit man! Stop having fun doing other stuff and go write more Atticus!!

    I just finished that level you speak of. At first I thought something was wrong. And, while it turns out something was wrong.. it wasn’t quite what I was thinking.

  3. admin

    It’s the part where you keep falling down, and you don’t realize that’s what you’re doing that got me.

  4. admin

    Re: HOMG

    OK, this email thing is getting wildly out of control, as I have not received it, which means it was eaten by my voracious spam filter. We have to figure out a better way to manage this.

  5. jmorse

    Yeah, I gotcha. I was just trying to be vague. I thought that was really well done.

  6. alryssa

    Between that and the new Ghostbusters game coming out (the screenshots I’ve seen so far are *amazing*) … and Lego Batman (!!), I’m going to have to try and scrape up the cash eventually for a secondhand XBox 360 just to play.

  7. kali921

    Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday!

    (Unless LJ is LYING to me and it’s not your birthday, in which case for the love of GOD don’t click that link!)

  8. jonlaw

    This is late and may be buried . . .

    Thanks for the belated birthday wishes and right back at you. My day was wonderful. Hope your’s was too.

    Happy Hanukkah as well to you and yours.

    More later.

  9. odessasteps

    Crime Bible was a great read, one of the best mainstream books of the last few weeks (along with the new CHECKMATE).

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