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Who Died and Made You Blake?

Why didn’t anyone tell me about this?

Has anyone out there heard more? Blake’s 7 holds a special place in memory for me, and I’d be very interested in seeing a new series.

18 Responses to Who Died and Made You Blake?

  1. trav28

    I am rather excited too, especially if they pull off some of the great chemistry between the characters. Although, did you know it has been “reimagined” since the original series?

  2. jesusandrew

    Three new audio adventures were released last year and are available at – it’s a relaunch of the series, but I haven’t had the spare cash to order them and see what they’re like. (The writers have all previously worked on Doctor Who stories.) It looks like there are some new prequel stories released this year as well.

    As far as I know, any news of a new series is only a rumour at the moment, but I hope it happens. Seeing the last episode of Blake’s 7 when I was in primary school did good things to my head, so I’d love to see a quality relauch work out.

  3. bluetyson

    Blake’s 7 rumours do seem to pop up every year or three, so I’d believe it when I see it.

    Did this the other day :-

    A discusson about Blake’s 7 on ‘s livejournal led to me considering this. Who could remake it? Kudos, of course. So that makes the cast as below, with a couple of minor ring-ins.

    BlakeAvon Servalan Travis

    Vila Jenna



    Tarrant Dayna Soolin

    With Special Guest Star :-

    Judy Dench as Orac

  4. brannonb

    I loved Blake’s 7. I loved the writers’ willingness to pay off the implied risk that the characters faced. It was very much the Anti-Star Trek in my mind, where you never felt any genuine sense of worry when the main characters were in jeopardy.

    The fact that the DVDs are only available as a region 2 import fills me with rage. Rage, I say.

  5. wyldemusick

    The US distributor for the new audio series (which includes a series of prequel stories) is , co-run by my good friend , whose dedication to books and to the side products of such as B7 and Doctor Who are about equally as strong.

    And they do good deals on the audios.

    Lots of other stuff, too.

    And so on….

  6. bluetyson

    Plus the fact that it took so long to come out.

    However, welcome to non-US region’s normal state of being. :)

  7. yartek

    I’m not holding out much hope for the remake, Sky (it is them, isn’t it?) doesn’t exactly have a fantastic track record.

  8. jennawaterford

    I missed this, too! I sobbed myself to sleep after the last episode and dragged around for the next three days in a state of complete depression.

    HOW I loved it. I hope they do a good job on the remake.

  9. kali921

    I loved Blake’s 7! I’m trying to figure out from this article if they’ll be using any of the original cast. I hope so.

    Also, did you get my last e-mail? I sent you the resources that you requested. :-)

  10. tsob

    Audio? Damn. I mean, I like audio, but c’mon. TV series!

    Ah, Blake’s 7: Robin Hood and his Merry Men crew the Enterprise against the Galactic Empire and it’s very sexy Darth Vader.

  11. jonlaw

    Yes, all this is very well.

    Where’s my “Walking Dead” chapter?

    When everyone was sick and you had to be nurse and do your day job fine. But if you have time to wander the net to find out about the latest revived, reimagined, continued or whatever show (demonstrating that the British have finally become just as unimaginative as those of us in the U.S. Aha, we win!), then you can POST A DAMN CHAPTER OF YOUR BOOK!!!!

    Not like I am addicted and in withdrawal or anything.

    GIVE IT TO ME NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. lithera

    I posted about it but I don’t know if you were reading then.

  13. admin

    You realize that, even if I do post the next chapter (or two) as promised, it’s still going to leave you hanging?

    Sorry I didn’t call this weekend; still digging out of phlegm-hell with the family.

  14. admin

    Good to know – thanks!

  15. brannonb

    The correct thing for us to do, of course, is rise up and overthrow our region-coding overlords.

    They should be the first against the wall when the revolution comes.

  16. bluetyson

    Yep, after a double dose of Vogon poetry.

  17. jonlaw

    And when I finish the book I have to wait for you to write the next one until one of us dies! I understand what kind of feedback loop this is.

    I just recall being promised a new chapter on October 17 with the following words: “So, uhm…I’ll probably post it tomorrow.”



    Carry on.

  18. fluidbeauty

    hey, did you hear about the new Prisoner mini-series? I just saw an ad for it on A and E after the season finale of Mad Men. Jim Caveizel as #6, Ian McKellen, I’m guessing as #2. Wild.

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