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Whiteout spreads across the ‘net

ITEM! New clips from SPOILERS!

ITEM! IGN happened to visit the Whiteout set on the day that Greg arrived, and, in addition to talking to director Dominic Sera, and leads Kate Beckinsale and Gabriel Macht, talked to him about the creative process:

“When [artist] Steve Lieber and I were working on it and I was writing the original scripts for the graphic novel, we’d put out stuff saying ‘this type’ and ‘this type’ [for the characters],” recalls Rucka. “And I think the Carrie type that we put down was Janeane Garofalo, that look, so clearly we were going for something very different than what they’re filming! It still works, having read what they’re shooting. And I’ve never had any illusion. I wrote a graphic novel, Steve drew the graphic novel, and they’re making a movie, and that’s different. I’m not actually a slavish adherent to be true to the text because I didn’t write a movie, I wrote a comic. And you cannot, with some recent notable exceptions, say you’re going to be able to make this into a movie verbatim and it will work. And you might even argue that could you do it verbatim, it wouldn’t work. It’s different mediums and I think it’s kind of ignorant to say, ‘Well, no it’s not the comic.’ Of course it’s not! There’s no paper. It’s on film.”

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