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Where Hubris Meets Arrogance

Loretta Hildago Whitesides, on the Wired blog, has a nice opinion piece about Huckabee, creationism, and why the answer to the question does matter. You can read it here, and it’s worth watching the YouTube clip from the Bill Maher interview.

And then there’s this little gem. And note that this contradicts what the Iranians said earlier about the incident.

When in doubt, deny the facts.

Apparently, it works wonders.

17 Responses to Where Hubris Meets Arrogance

  1. lithera

    Iran: Hey, this happens all the time.
    Iran: Hey… This is totally fake. It didn’t happen at all!

    Ummmmm. And did you listen to the little snippet of audio that the BBC put up? This is absurd. Why does the Iranian sound like an old school Cylon?

  2. stu_n

    You can pretty much guarantee that anybody who uses the phrase ‘just a theory’ doesn’t actually know what a theory is. Or they do, but they want to pander to people who don’t.

  3. kali921

    Greg Greg hey Greg didja see this?

    Huckabee frightens me. It frightens me that someone with such a freakishly anti-empirical and anti-science stance can be elected to a major political office in the United States. Because if you reject evolutionary theory, you’re also explicitly rejecting things like the basic laws of physics. Why do people overlook that?

    Also, did you see this? Aside from the people over at Daily Kos actually thinking Huckabee is stupid enough to not be joking, the video is hilarious!

    In other news, I am amused that the U.S. Navy was terrorized by people in open speed boats. Oh. Mah. Gawd.

  4. alexg119

    I’d say those Iranian boat pilots were lucky they didn’t get blown up, but I think that’s what they wanted. They were provoking and attack I think to stir up as much discontent stateside as possible. It’s certainly one way they can try influence our election process…

    As for creationism. I would have NEVER thought that in 2008 we as a nation would have to even debate evolution, much less have a candidate who doesn’t believe in science. It’s pushed me passed anger to downright depression. It’s just pathetic.

  5. enewsom

    I live only three driving hours away from Dayton, TN, but it’s less than 100 miles away, on the other side of the mountain range from me.

    Now here we are 80 years later, still arguing about the same stuff.

  6. nem0

    I’m suddenly reminded of a rest stop I visited while driving across Montana for work last month. It has one of those geographically pertinent historical info kiosk things, which describes how the valley below used to be underwater, and how fossil records showed that aquatic dinosaurs used to live there.

    Except that someone had taken a Sharpie and crossed out every reference to 65 million years ago, replacing it with 6,000 years ago. They also marked out any references to “before man” and wrote in “beside man,” and made a few other related changes.

    People who actually, fervently believe in creationism make my head hurt. People who believe it AND want to make policies around it make me want to move to another country.

  7. jonlaw

    Re: Greg Greg hey Greg didja see this?

    In defense of the U.S. Navy, I have to say the following:

    U.S.S. Cole

  8. jonlaw

    Best review of the defense of evolution against the wackos in court I saw recently on Nova:

    You can now watch the 12 chapters of the show on line.

    But the struggle against the anti-scientific community will never end, based on the history of humankind so far.

  9. enewsom

    Even weirder: if Huckabee is still in Spartanburg, S.C., I’m roughly equidistant from him and the site of the Scopes trial.

  10. kali921

    PS – Greg, every time that I see this, I think of you.

    PS – Greg, for the last few years, every time that I see this old motivational poster, I think of you.

    See bottom!

  11. admin

    Re: PS – Greg, every time that I see this, I think of you.

    Aw. Now you’re making me feel all mushy! :D

  12. kali921

    Re: PS – Greg, every time that I see this, I think of you.

    My work here is done! Should I do a new series of motivational posters? What should Renee be?


  13. kali921

    Also, you saw this steampunk Justice League, right?

    Also, you’ve seen the Gaslight Justice League, right? Just checking. It’s all over, I know, but some people hadn’t seen it yet. LIKE ME.

    I fail at fandom.

  14. admin

    Re: PS – Greg, every time that I see this, I think of you.

    Purpose, I’d think.

    Or “Addiction.” :D

  15. admin

    Re: Also, you saw this steampunk Justice League, right?

    I actually hadn’t seen them — they look AMAZING!

  16. dewline

    Renee for Motivational Posters

    Could go either way at this point. Or both.

  17. gobama

    What facts? Apart from far-right made up facts that a far-right person like you believes “Mr Rucka”,I bet you’d love a war with Iran.

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