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What I Really Said

Laura Hudson, who interviewed me at the Spotlight panel this Friday last at Wondercon, has posted a (mostly) complete transcript at the ComicsAlliance website.

For those of you who are interested in the horse’s mouth, you can get it straight here.

I understand that there were a few folks recording the proceedings, as well, so look for links to the audio-slash-podcast versions when they become available.

6 Responses to What I Really Said

  1. randall

    Although I’ll miss Greg’s stories of Kate and Renee, but I’m jazzed for the new chapter of writings. I’m in the front seat of the rollercoaster and I’m ready for the ride!

  2. Kozemp

    Your continued bashing of Dr. Jones is quite indecorous, sir.

  3. greg

    Yeah. I mostly do it to get a rise out of folks. :D

  4. Ken Liner

    I bet you also thought the Capuchin got what he deserved, too!!!

    All kidding aside, all your fans want you to truly enjoy creating, as we will surely be the beneficiaries for many years to come. Some people tend to get a bit too close to the 4-color world and overlook the real people involved. Step back, smell the roses, give your wife and kids a hug/kiss, and get back to the keyboard. :-)

  5. Evan

    I am sorry to see Greg step away from the DC universe because I really enjoyed the stories he told there. However, the loss is really DC’s. I can’t wait to see what new directions come from Greg. And though the “break up” with DC is very public, it is also publicly civil, so if DC has the right opening on down the line, I think we can look forward to more great DC writing.

    For now, I am holding my breath for the next Stumptown issues, “The Last Run” and whatever other surprises Greg hits us with in the months to come.

    Greg, thanks for the road that has led us here and thanks for paving the way for many more stories to come.

    Go Greg!

  6. Brandon

    Greg – I just wanted to let you know that your work on Wonder Woman brought me back to comics after I had given up on the medium. I’ve been reading all of your DC and Oni work since. You’re an incredible storyteller and I will deeply miss seeing your name among my monthly DC subscriptions. I want to especially thank you for bringing Renee Montoya and Batwoman to life. Renee in Gotham Central and Batwoman and The Question in Detective Comics were the most meaningful, empowering, exciting stories I have read in my thirty years as a queer fanboy. I can’t thank you enough for inspiring me every week for the past ten years. I wish you the best of luck and, again, thank you.

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