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What Are You Looking At?

Because he started it.

Here we go….

18 Responses to What Are You Looking At?

  1. dewline

    That last link needs fixing. Otherwise, you’re good to go.

  2. admin

    Ah, thanks – fixed it, I think!

  3. dewline

    Yep, that’s done it. *nods in satisfaction*

  4. alexg119

    this book looks like its gonna be bananas…

  5. tranceptor

    Woo! Hoo!

    I’m so very much looking forward to this.

    This J H guy aint too shabby.

  6. hdefined

    J.H. Williams is easily one of the most amazing modern comics artists. Promethea and the Seven Soldiers bookends showed an amazing diversity of style, and his arc on Batman was the highlight of Morrison’s run.

    So for him to be teamed with Rucka . . . on an ongoing series . . . is quite awesome.

  7. beatzo

    WOW! Just when I was wondering what JHW3′s next project is.

  8. jared465

    Man, you two are going to make a formidable team……

  9. hawkfist


  10. dewline

    From Deathwish to Chase to Promethea to Seven Soldiers to Batman to this…and I’m sure I’m forgetting stuff. An evolution worth the watching.

  11. mercuryeric

    I am incredibly pleased that you get to beat the drum on this one, at last.

    Can’t wait to see it on my shelf. Yes.


  12. scottyquick

    That is absolutely awesome art, and I’m sure the writing will be epic.

    Darn it! You’re practically twisting my arm so I’ll buy this book :D !

  13. dryponder

    a match made in awesome

  14. will_eslinger

    Damn. That’s just a whole lot of awesome right there.

  15. phoenixstorm

    Writer, artist, the content revolving around Kate. There isn’t a part of this that I’m not ecstatic about!

  16. evan66

    Concerning the Perfect Dark TRILOGY…

    Hey, just wondering… Will the Perfect Dark series be a complete Trilogy, or is it finished as it is with only two installments? I’ve heard that there’s more to the story, though I haven’t begun reading yet (I like full series). Aside from that, the only editions are the first prints and the re-prints, correct? Perhaps I got something wrong, but I was at a Web site that gave a little blurb of the books, and I thought I noticed a difference in how one edition of one of the books started as opposed to the other edition… Anyway, I haven’t found these answers anywhere else, so’s this ought to be a good place to ask; Thanks for any help…

  17. admin

    Re: Concerning the Perfect Dark TRILOGY…

    Nope, it’s finished. The series was planned as a trilogy, but for a variety of reasons, it was decided to leave it at two books. Should Rare ever revisit the franchise, I suppose there’s the possibility for a third.

  18. evan66

    Re: Concerning the Perfect Dark TRILOGY…

    Well, thank you very much for that clearance, for I wasn’t sure about all of that. Now, I just have to get to getting both books and the comic compilation…

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