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Well, This is Encouraging

My editor at Bantam informs me that Patriot Acts is headed for a second printing, another 2500 copies hardcover.

This is a definite Good Thing.

15 Responses to Well, This is Encouraging

  1. sd6

    That’s *great* news, especially knowing what you spend per month in hair gel.

    Seriously, though – congrats.

  2. hanabishirecca


    I’m just curious, but did you have a provisional contract that reprints get a higher royalty? Details need not be mentioned.

  3. admin

    Royalties increase at a certain sales point, yeah, but we’re NOWHERE near that point, believe me. :D

  4. hanabishirecca

    Your probably still paying off of the advance then. In fact, thinking about it, it was foolish for me to likely ask the question in the first place. Hopefully the increase is a 5 digit number… right? :)

  5. synabetic


  6. nealbailey


  7. jjgalahad

    Congrats! I finally tracked down a copy about a week ago at my local indie bookstore and I loved it. Excellent read.

    Of course, now I’m really curious if you’re going to do another book about Bridie’s life after Kodiak falls off the face of the Earth. :)

  8. papervolcano

    Still waiting for my copy to arrive (rassum frassum international shipping), but man, congrats!

  9. hero_writer

    Ha! Okay, how many stores do I need to hit and sneak around in, facing your book and gently haranguing all customers in the appropriate section of the store to buy it (or any of your novels) before we get you to a third run? I work weekends, attend school weekdays, so this leaves Sundays. Each city would have to be a one-day trip . . . .

    This is kinda fun. But please . . . if I start talking about entering the “real world” marketing profession, promise me that you’ll hunt me down and de-prgram me . . . ?

  10. hero_writer

    Or even dE-program me.

    Stupid arthritis.

  11. tsob

    Good news! Soon fame and fortune will be yours!

    I mean, more fame and fortune. Lots. A super-abundance.

  12. futuredirt

    That’s awesome! Congratulations!!

  13. gabbicus

    Sweet!!! Then maybe I can get more from the DIamond!!!! :)


  14. dannyperkins

    That is great news Greg! Congratulations. Hopefully those comic collectors don’t get hung up on what printing they get. ;)

    May there be a 10th printing!

  15. mercuryeric


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