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Well, There’s A Surprise


7 Responses to Well, There’s A Surprise

  1. morchades

    Sounds like they really do think they can just put people in front of a camera and let them adlib for two hours.

  2. brandawg

    Among other things, the deal includes a formula for royalties paid for internet downloads – which essentially doubles the rate which is currently paid.

    Isn’t double nothing still nothing?

  3. djfanboy

    I like that the header’s missing a word.

    Makes ‘em look smart, and stuff.

  4. dewline

    I suppose not.

    The sequelae with SAG and WGA will be where any surprises yet to be sprung will be found. I hope they end up being good ones for the Guilds.

  5. dewline

    Uh oh.

    This is why the fine print has to be looked at through an electron microscope, then.

  6. kali921

    Oh, that’s low.

  7. thetathx1138

    People are missing a pretty important point: The studios have agreed to fork the books over to a union.

    While I don’t think this is goodbye creative accounting, I think that’s a pretty key sign of that the studios are facing some rough pressure.

    It looks a lot like the DGA saw an opportunity to get what they wanted and took it.

    Of course, it means nothing if the SAG walks, which it will almost surely do.

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