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Well, That Was Needed

Went on vacation. Ten days. Lincoln City, Oregon. Beach. Kites. Crappy fascist miniature golf. Great bowling alley. Friends. Sleep. Sand. Gaming.

All in all, very pleasant, and definitely required. Think I might be able to survive this, now.

Oh. And I finished a script that I’m very happy with. Which tells you I don’t really know how to go on vacation, after all.

13 Responses to Well, That Was Needed

  1. nealbailey

    Fascist mini golf intrigues me. The people running it, or did you literally hit the little fluorescent balls through a bust of Mussolini?

  2. gregmce

    It so saddened me that it wasn’t literally fascist miniature golf (although the title of the place via the link was terrifying in its own right). The images in my head were pretty darn fantastic.

  3. lithera

    I keep misreading that as “Butt n Pat” which a) says something is totally miswired in my head and b) I have no idea what means anyway.

  4. brother_d73

    I don’t know, man . . . Writing and gaming sounds like a GREAT way to spend a vacation!

  5. dewline

    Inquiry seconded. I have a hard time tying the two ideas together without some sort of “theme park” approach to doing so.

  6. indigi

    You… you mean you don’t consider being mobbed by thousands of fans nonstop for four days and running back and forth to panels and booths every 20 minutes a vacation?!

  7. hero_writer

    Sounds fun to me . . . .

    If you had fun and feel refreshed, that sounds like a vacation to me — and if you wrote, so long as you were having fun . . . ? No big.

    Unless, of course, your wife thought it was a big thing. Then it was huge. Huge!

    (Never piss off a man’s wife — even when you only read his public livejournal, and he has no clue who you are. SHE will find out. And that . . . it’s just not safe!)

  8. kozemp

    I dunno… this past weekend at the shore I sat down to work on the book I’m… er… working on, and it just wasn’t coming. Whereas in a normal sitting I can bang out a solid 6-8 notebook pages I barely filled two, and I went back and looked and it all sucked.

    I even leave the PS2 at home when I go down there. There is something to be said for a vacation being an actual honest-to-goodness vacation from EVERYTHING, even if it’s just weekends at the shore.

    My inability to write at the shore did, however, lead into my annual reading of Cryptonomicon, a book I now only read while in New Jersey in the summer.

  9. brother_d73

    You make a good point . . .

    For me, though, taking time away from my day-to-day to get some solid writing and role-playing-gaming in with friends would be a great breath of fresh air . . . !

  10. supergodginrai

    fascist miniature golf ?

  11. admin

    I overstate for dramatic effect, and possibly because every time we go to Lincoln City, we visit this place at least once. 17 of the most anemic miniature golf holes, half with a patriotic theme.

    Which wouldn’t be a problem in and of itself, but the course is indoors, and painted on the walls are excerpts from the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. And when I say excerpts, I mean, Article I is reproduced in its entirety (with misspellings) in a tiny font, Article II is reproduced in its entirety in a BIG font, and Articles III, IV, and V, are reproduced as, “Search and seizure”, “due process”, “self-incrimination.”

    So, yeah, I see an agenda, I can’t help it. I also see selective ignorance, which drives me nuts.

    But, you know…at least they’d put new astroturf down on the “greens.”

    In purple, orange, and blue.

  12. admin

    I’m normally good until Saturday morning, which is when I start praying ardently for a flame thrower and a machete…normally while trying to go from Panel A to Signing B, separated now by a half-mile, with five minutes between the two to, I dunno, find a bathroom.

  13. dewline

    That would explain it, Greg. Thanks much.

    As to the astroturf colours…ergh!

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