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Well, Enough About Me…

Finishing the last script of the DD arc with Brubaker. It’s been fun, and I think this last issue is going to close out the story very well. Have to say, it’s been a hoot working with the two of them again.

Couple other points of interest. As has been reported multiple places elsewhere, I wrote one of the pieces of the soon-to-be-released Gotham Knight animated DVD. I did an interview last week through WB about the project, and a nicely cleaned-up version (meaning one where I don’t ramble like a bum) went up today on, for those of you who might have an interest. Thanks to lithera for pointing it out.

Blair Butler has some very nice things to say about Queen & Country: Definitive Edition – Volume 2 which came out a short while back.

I like it when Blair Butler says nice things about my work. It makes me all warm and smiley.

9 Responses to Well, Enough About Me…

  1. lithera

    You are welcome!

  2. lunatic96

    Is there a reason why the definitive editions are smaller than the old tpbs? The paper is higher quality, but it’s a bit of a bummer that the artwork is shrunk.

  3. captain_slinky

    My wife finds Blair Butler to be very intimidating… she’s on my “The List Of 5 Celebrities I’m Allowed To Sleep With And My Wife Can’t Get Mad About It”. As if she has anything to worry about! There would be no sex! Just a long, hard night of debating who should be the next writer on Avengers!

  4. stealthbunny

    You deserve the warm and smileys. Those weren’t just nice words — those were pretty damn cool.

  5. dewline

    I dunno. There are story arcs for any number of titles deserving of collection, and in some of those instances, it’s either that format or nothing. Also, the format makes it easier to take on the road. Or the bus. Or the train.

    Easier to share.

  6. admin

    I’m sure there is, but I’m unclear on the reasoning. I personally like the slightly smaller format; I think it actually helps the repro of the art, but that’s entirely a personal preference.

  7. the_fallen_

    I can’t wait to read your and Ed’s co-wrote arc of daredevil, I just wish you were on as co-writer for a while and not just an arc. Sadly it seems like my comic guy always forgets that I read daredevil, I always have to remind him.

    Oh and i’m definitely looking forward to a certain final crisis miniseries.

    Oh and thats because Blair is awesome and almost always right therefor anything that girl says makes me warm and fuzzy….wait that sounds wrong.

  8. stacyx

    I can’t wait to read those issues of DD.

  9. nhartz78

    I tend to agree. I think it makes the art pop! I see that Volume 3 is set for an August release. Hopefully, it is in time for my birthday. Great stuff and I can’t wait for Volume II to start.

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