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Well Done, the BBC

I grew up on British comedies courtesy of PBS. And British scifi. And British mystery. And British drama.

I spent a lot of time with PBS.

Thus I derive a perverse satisfaction from being (mis)quoted by the BBC.

Edited to add:

And here’s a larger story from the Independent.

I’m wondering who said the “socialite by night crime-fighter by later in the night” bit, because I have no memory of those words passing my lips. At all.


30 Responses to Well Done, the BBC

  1. yartek

    Misquote or not, that is fantastic line!

  2. tranceptor

    I can’t help but be a little annoyed that she is mostly being billed as the lesbian crime fighter. I get that it’s an important thing, but with as much as I have anticipated her book, I’t like to think that there is mroe to her than that.

  3. yartek

    I think honestly that was always going to be the media sensationalistic reaction. Maybe they should be fair and talk about all superhero sexualities?

    “Meet the new Captain America – he’s STRAIGHT!”

    Probably wouldn’t get as much mainstream attention though…

  4. davidwynne

    Damn it, and I read the Independant as well. It’s always depressing to read news stories about comics, because I see all the inaccuracies, and it makes me wonder how poorly researched the rest of the newspaper is…

  5. moonandserpent

    If I recall correctly, that was a Morrison quite circa her introduction in 52. It was widely quoted from a 2006 New York Times article, but I want to say that Grant Morrison was the one who coined the phrase.

  6. insektmute

    Ditto. On one hand, it’s good to see more LGBT characters popping up, but I hate that people fixate so heavily on it, as though the character is just some token gay character being introduced as a superficial PR stunt.

    Kinda reminds me of the Milestone comics stuff years back. More AA characters in the DCU? Great. An entire universe of AA chracters, segregated from everything and largely defined by their blackness? Not so great.

  7. gargoylekitty

    Best misquote ever, lmao.

  8. davidwynne

    I don’t know, I thought the Milestone books were pretty good. Well written and, in most cases, extremely well drawn (Denys Cowan, John Paul Leon and M.D Bright? woof). Although I do see your point.

  9. djfanboy

    hee, I wonder how many will raise a ruckus (ahem) if the story DOESN’T center around her being a lesbian.

    or even a redhead.

  10. dewline

    And here’s some other good news to think about: nowadays, Kate can visit Dakota. Or its characters can visit her. Which, in either case, ought to make for some interesting diversions for any number of readers from time to time.

  11. davidwynne

    I’d love to see a cross over with the Blood Syndicate, I must say.

  12. dewline

    There’s similar issues with science stories, business stories…oft’times, it’s due to the reporter’s lack of (recent?) experience with the subjects that need their attention. It’s an old problem, and while the news services are working to catch up on that, it’s still going to be with us a while yet. I wish that it were otherwise.

  13. dewline

    That would be interesting.

  14. nealbailey

    Socialite by night, crime-fighter later in the night, and at about 5 she hits Denny’s with all the rest of the Bat-Family that are still awake after the party.

  15. bbe

    Earliest mention I see of the quote after checking several sources is 5/28/2006 at after that many other newspapers use it.

  16. dewline

    Which location, though? The Robinson Square site in Midtown, the one over by Gotham U in Kingston Square west of Robinson Park, or the one in Bristol Common on the mainlnd?

  17. nealbailey

    The Bat-Denny’s across from Gotham Central? Metropolis gets Planet Krypton, Gotham gets Bat-Denny’s.

  18. dewline

    Metropolis had Planet Krypton. Not sure how it ended up falling apart, though I remember Booster and Beetle having plans for a location in Gotham.

    (Booster did grow up in Gotham, after all. 25th Century Gotham, yes, but still Gotham.)

    Wondering now…did Buck Wargo decide to keep the Warriors franchise going despite Guy Gardner being off-planet these days?

  19. nealbailey

    Damned if I know. They’re probably all together at the Ace O’ Clubs, which is my theory on where the DC Faux Heaven is actually located, since it hasn’t been seen in ten years. When they do the next Crisis in fifteen years, I imagine it’ll be Bibbo, the Lana from Smallville, and a Mauve Lantern trying to undo the Multi-verse.

  20. alryssa

    I ran a quick and dirty Google search and found the quote – unattributed – in a 2006 online article here and in a May 2006 article here. Both times, unattributed.

    Don’t know if that helps any; it may have come from another source at DC and been later misattributed to coming from you.

  21. tellitslant

    So does the Guardian get it any better? ;)

  22. mikeperkins

    …and herein, little grasshopper, lies the culmination of your quest – your search into the unmentionables – of what is Britishness?

    The ability to laugh at oneself.

    I can teach you no more!

    With the powers invested in me as a citizen of my Queen’s country I hereby pronounce upon you, Mr. Greg Rucka, the title of ” Honorary Englishman “.



  23. dewline

    Seeing that Alex Ross image bracketed by red bars in that article made me chuckle: Katherine the Younger’s replaced the Maple Leaf on my nation’s flag, courtesy of the Guardian!

  24. jared465

    Its seems though that at least Montoya as a character hasn’t gotten too much flak for her orientation (as far as i know). I guess that’s something, right?

    Maybe I’m ignorant, but i really don’t understand why the press etc think it is such a big deal……

  25. tellitslant

    Hahaha! I didn’t even see it that way, shockingly, but you’re totally right. Well, I could get behind a nation of Batwoman fen…

  26. dewline

    Cultural training re: Bat-characters.

  27. admin

    This is the happiest day of my life!

  28. dewline

    I really hope that the Ace o’Clubs is still there in Hob’s Bay, the original Suicide Slum of Metropolis legend.

  29. jackolantern

    They draw a little bat-logo on the pancakes there.

  30. nealbailey

    I’m afraid for the potentialities of the “funny face” pancake man at that place.

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