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Welcome to 2008

To all of you, whoever you are, wherever you are, may 2008 be your best year (until 2009, of course)!

My agent sent me this song a while back, and it seems appropriate:

Open the windows, pull on the brake chords
Open the flood gates, pull up the shades
Turn on your engines with all the vengeance
‘Cause I got something I’d like to say
I’ve only got a buck in my pocket
But it feels like I own the world
Only got a buck in my pocket
But it feels like I own the world
Push your luck…

Circle the wagons, seduce the dragons
Tell all the customers they can wait
There’s somethin’ oozin’ through my delusion
Here’s the conclusion I reached today:
I’ve only got a buck in my pocket
But it feels like I own the world…

So warn all the tall clouds, tell ‘em to watch out
They’re gonna blow like autumn’s today
Here lies the vestige, some writer’s message
Who kindly asked if I could relay:
I’ve only got a buck in my pocket
But it feels like I own the world…


13 Responses to Welcome to 2008

  1. dewline

    Thanks, Greg. It’s needed.

  2. nealbailey

    As good a theme for deliverance as any…in a comparable air:

    Cherry Poppin’ Daddies – Millionaire

    Can you read the determination on my face?
    I’m as solid as the gravel now
    And I kept gettin’ on my feet after all
    The times you knocked me down
    Went back to see the place where I came from
    And I began to understand my pride
    From the brick streets, a northern factory town
    Where Grandma’s work improved my chances

    Common man this is me
    I’m not ashamed anymore to be
    Here I am this is me
    I’m glad you’re uncomfortable near me
    Never had nothin’ never no one to care
    Never had nothin’
    Nothin’ but the wind in my hair
    Still I’m a millionaire

    You see me standin’ out on Fifth and Union
    Right across from the abandoned Drive-In
    The sun’s gone down on the future here
    The past won’t leave my mind
    Well, the rich boys gave up on ya
    But the soul out here is much too strong
    And I’ll carry it with me for my whole life
    The face of human dignity

    I don’t have to be the boy with the most cake…
    Still I’m a millionaire

    It’s a good “MORNING! TIME TO WRITE!” song. I always start with at least one rockin’ ass song to get the cobwebs out.

  3. yellowseptember

    “Circle the wagons, seduce the dragons
    Tell all the customers they can wait”

    Oh I love it. Such wonderful imagery and energy.

    Happy New Year, sir!

  4. gwalla

    Your link is broken, Greg.

  5. lithera

    Happy New Year.

    I’m looking forward to this one.

    Even if only because it is a Leap Year and an election year.

  6. admin


    Thanks for pointing that out. Fixed it!

  7. gwalla

    You’re welcome!

  8. parakkum

    Not apropos of this post, but:

    “Okay,” I said. “You win. I’ll tell you where she is.”

    Read it on the 27th, then my mom stayed up to read it the same night.

    (That may be my favorite line in the book.)

  9. admin


    Yeah, I liked that one, too, actually.

  10. jonlaw

    Best wishes for this year to you! WFN!

  11. hdefined

    Hey Greg, just finished Patriot Acts, so let me sound off some feedback.

    I love the scope of your stories. It’s never about saving the world and being the hero. With the AK series and Gotham Central, it’s always about the smaller battles the rest of the world doesn’t notice, but would if these special, less visible operatives failed in their missions (well, not necessarily so with Patriot Acts, but I’ll get to that). I like that while public safety is rarely explicitly at stake, the narrative – especially from the perspective of AK – manages to bring importance to every little detail, suspense to every decision considered, purpose to every exercise and change of clothes. I’m not someone who likes detail from plain expositional description; you bring detail to the characters’ actions.

    I like that AK’s tale has continued to evolve. While it’s been two years since I read the previous five books, and all in one go, I know that I didn’t greatly enjoy book four, which was from the ex-junkie’s perspective, right? But book five was my favorite up to that point, because it deviated from the then-established formula and completely changed the stakes. I feel like Patriot Acts has completely delivered on the potential book five established, by not only thrusting AK into a whole new line of work, but forcing him to think differently in terms of tactics and moral decisions. I also like that the nature of their work went as far as the White House and wasn’t limited to rogue assassins.

    Now, I’m not adverse to suspecting the US government of treachery and deception, but I don’t like it when politics are given labels of moral extremes. Not that AK ever said the government was evil, but there was a very clear slant against it. I’m of the more liberal persuasion, but this kind of portrayal just isn’t something I want to read about in fiction. If Lex Luthor’s the president, fine, we can expect the administration to be slimy, but if it’s based on reality . . . maybe this administration has just been overdramatized, fictionalized and biographed in the last seven years to the point that I can’t stand to read about it anymore. Or maybe I just don’t like reading about the White House staff hiring assassins. I can’t quite pinpoint exactly why I don’t like this element, but I hope my meaning is clear.

    Anyway, I still enjoyed it, considering I generally don’t read this genre. I really enjoy your style of writing and the kind of stories you choose to tell.

  12. admin

    I get what you’re saying. PA has been a problematic book for a number of people, and for a variety of different reasons. In the context of the series, I felt the only logical answers to the questions raised in Critical Space lay in the tale told.

    We’ll see what you think of the next one, when it’s written and out — it, like the previous two, will be of different scale and scope, and will focus more on Atticus having to reconcile his “evolution,” and answering, at least to himself, for what he’s done, and who he’s left behind.

    Thanks so much for your comments!

  13. hdefined

    Oh yeah – I also liked that they didn’t die at the end! I hated the foreshadowing, because it would’ve been a shame if it had come to pass, and I really don’t see being gunned down in the line of duty (or, er, the line of assassination) as the end of the road for AK.

    And I’m definitely anticipating another installment.

    And for the record, the political stuff didn’t hurt my enjoyment of the book, and certainly wasn’t as crucial to my impressions as the space it took to describe that part of my impressions – it was just the weakest spot for me. That said, I think it’s a good sign when the weakest spot is too much moral depravity related to politics.

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