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Water, water, everywhere


That was NOT fun.

Crisis appear to be over, now. Damage was kept to a minimum, thanks to some quick thinking and some very good luck.

Now to get that dehumidifier….

5 Responses to Water, water, everywhere

  1. aizuchi

    Dehumidifier is good to have, but honestly, just having some rotary fans blowing on the wet stuff will increase evaporation greatly, and the sooner the better.

  2. anderson_t

    I have to agree, fans work better – specially those ones that look like mini-turbine machines. ^_-

  3. sinspired

    We just had this happen – our landlord had a company come in with industrial fans. If you don’t dry right, you can get molds, toxic and non-toxic. :(

  4. alexg119

    Hope that’s drying out down there…there’s just never anything fun about that.

  5. davesbu

    at first, I was like, “What the hell?” Then read your previous post and now I’m glad things are okay. By the way, just finished reading the entire set of Q&C. Very awesome stuff. I’m currently digging around for WHITEOUT but two stores in NYC don’t have it. Though the library is getting it for me. That was the last resort. I’m guessing they pulled everything to give it the proper “Based on the Motion Picture starring Kate Beckinsale!” tag before re-issuing, but that’s cool anyway.

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