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Vroom Vroom!

Appropos of nothing, seriously, and I totally understand the invasion of privacy issue, I get that, I really do.

But, dude…you had the words “hot rod” tattooed on your penis.

So saying you’re “…violated, betrayed, and disgusted….” That, as my parents would say, that’s chutzpah.

11 Responses to Vroom Vroom!

  1. thetathx1138

    Would he have been upset if the surgeon was a woman? Or would he have asked her out?

  2. kali921

    The tattoo that I will one day have.

    There are sixteen communities on LJ dedicated to showcasing bad tattoos. There are three that I’m aware of that showcase gorgeous tattoos.

    I think it was Sailor Jerry who said that people get the tattoos that they deserve. I think that sums it up nicely, yes? If you put thought into body art and choose your artist(s) well, you won’t wind up with “hot rod” tattooed on your junk. I thought about every tattoo design that I have for two years before I allowed it to get put on my skin.

    Me, I’m saving up to finish my arm sleeves. I’m getting Eternal Mothra on my left arm next, and, of course…

    …this tattooed on my hand, if I can commit to wearing SPF 1000000 on my hands for the rest of my life AND if I can find a way to not have hand tattoos look like total shit.

    Pictorial proof:

    I can’t think of anything better than having the equation that negates all life on my thumb. But as has been pointed out, if I get this, henceforth anyone I give a thumbs up to is going to be immediately rendered into a smoking crater.

  3. fordmadoxfraud

    Rather than ‘s concern, I think it’s more interesting to suppose the patient had been a woman, an anesthetized, unconscious woman with a sexy or funny tattoo in her bikini area, whose doctor photographed her genitals and showed the picture to his friends. Yeah, the guy’s got a funny dick tattoo, but it’s still pretty fucked up.

  4. admin

    No question. And I absolutely understand the issues involved, and I think casting it in terms of gender-reversal is an elegant way to illustrate it.

    I’m more amused by the “character detail.” Strip Club Owner + “Hot Rod” Tattooed on Penis = Hell of a Character Detail.

    It’s the kind of thing that, if I had written it, would have verged on the precipice of unbelievable.

  5. fordmadoxfraud

    If you had written it, I’m betting it would have been a woman and she would have beaten the crap out of the doctor with whatever happened to be the heaviest object in the trunk of her car.

  6. jmorse

    Who needs the heaviest object when you have the Trunk Monkey?

  7. stealthbunny

    If Greg had written it, she wouldn’t have needed anything to beat the crap out of the doctor. She would have done it with her bare hands. And very elegantly, too.

  8. stealthbunny

    Not to mention that it was done on a $1000 bet.

  9. aylara

    It’s the kind of thing that, if I had written it, would have verged on the precipice of unbelievable.

    Yes! I get that. My husband and I often discuss people we meet who are so unbelievably stereotypical in one way or another in those terms. If you were to create a character and write them EXACTLY the way some of these people behave, people would cry foul.

    “But nobody really acts like that!” people would say.

    For instance, I have a certain fascination with the homeless lady down the street who talks to a parking meter. What does mental disorder look like? How does someone act who is imbalanced? How would I write this person? Would it be convincing? Realistic? At other times, she seems completely normal. Is she faking a mental condition, to get people to leave her alone?

    It’s just part of the process — all that stuff that takes place when you’re not slaving at the keyboard.

  10. mercuryeric


    Very nice. Excellent start to my morning.



  11. dannyperkins

    I can’t help but think that most of the time this says “HD” at best.

    Am I wrong?

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