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Vegas Boomerang

I’m sitting in the “recharge zone” at McCarran airport, waiting for my flight. It’s been delayed, presumably due to weather in Portland.

I’ve been sitting here for an hour already, which, I suppose, isn’t as bad as all that. I’m frankly more annoyed at the thought of getting home at 2 in the morning, and having to be up and out with the kids by 8. But that’s as may be, and certainly nothing I can control.

The Comics Fest was, by all accounts, a rousing success. Andrew Kaplan, responsible for organizing the whole shebang, told me they’d expected 500 hundred people and hoped, optimistically, that there might be as many as 1000 who showed up. There were 1000 who showed up.

Very nice time, very nice people. If the worst that this trip offers is a delay getting home, I’ve really got nothing to complain about.

Edited at 02:28 am, Sunday morning, to add:

Home. Wired for sound. Scotch in hand.

Took these pictures of the Monte Carlo Hotel, when I arrived on Friday, as the cab was taking me to my hotel. Post the fire, obviously, but I thought I’d share, for those interested in casino-hotels that catch on fire.

7 Responses to Vegas Boomerang

  1. kali921

    Yay! I’m glad the fest was successful. I have to be in Vegas in two weeks, and I am NOT looking forward to it.

    (I just finished seeing Cloverfield. God, but I do love it when humanity gets a good trouncing and gazes into the abyss.)

  2. insektmute

    My girlfriend and I are hoping it will either melt off, so we can go buy books, or snow so freaking hard that we can stay home on Monday. Chances are that neither one will happen and we’ll just end up loafing around the house today.

  3. cjhurtt

    The Comics Fest was a lot of fun. Us local comic nerds have been dying for some kind of convention here. It’s weird that we don’t really have a true comic book convention considering the local talent and the size of the place.

    I work for the Building Department and the Monte Carlo fire is the big topic of discussion at work.Fortunately, the fire damage at the Monte Carlo looks a lot worse than it is. That whole facade up there was just Styrofoam. There’s no real structural damage. After the MGM fire, we got pretty strict on the fire code.

    Anyway, thanks for coming and it was nice meeting you.

  4. supergodginrai

    Hopefully you didn’t get poisoned by a blond woman who needs to be within 10 feet of people at the airport bar !

  5. parakkum

    Most fascinating “bad thing” to happen to a casino that I know of:

  6. admin

    I had a terrific time! I’m hoping they’ll do it again next year!

  7. devilman145

    Hey Greg,

    First off thanks for coming and letting my girlfriend Katrina and I get a picture with you before you left!

    Second it was a blast and I really do hope we can all put this on again. I know that everyone who worked on the fest was a bit burnt out after, but now we’re all excited about the buzz and positive reviews that we’ve received.

    Anyways thanks again for signing my 52 and Checkmate bound editions and here’s hoping the next time I see you I’ll have my Question bound edition all ready for a new signature.


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