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Update on Comic Book Writing Class

Some more updated information on the class that Nunzio DeFilippis is teaching through the UCLA Extension on writing for comics, manga, and other graphic formats. Enrollment is still open, and can be accessed directly by following this link.

Turns out I’ll be coming down to LA for the February 14th class, when I will cheerfully ramble on and on about just about anything relating to comics. Chocolates and flowers will, of course, be welcome.

Oni Press EiC James Lucas Jones (and no, I don’t have a better picture, or more precisely, I do have a better picture, but if I use it He Will Punish Me) will be speaking to the class on the 21st of February, and Seven Seas Entertainment publisher Jason DeAngelis will be talking to the class on January 24th.

Once again, those folks in the area who are interested in such things should really check this out. It’s a great opportunity to learn about the industry, not only from the mainstream pov, but also those of the indie and manga scenes.

1 Response to Update on Comic Book Writing Class

  1. dewline

    Most cool! I hope that the students involved will be duly and properly appreciative of the company.

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