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Update on Anchorage

I’m going to be in Anchorage next week from Thursday until Sunday. This may or may no be newsworthy.

What is of potentially more interest, if you’re in the Anchorage area, is that I’ll be doing a signing at the Bosco’s Comic Shop on Spenard Road (2606 Spenard Rd
Anchorage, Ak 99503, (907) 274-4112) from noon until 3pm on Saturday the 29th.

I’m very much looking forward to this, actually.

So all you people in Anchorage who complain I never come to Alaska for a signing, well…now you can’t complain.

(This last statement should in no way be taken to mean that I’ve ever actually received such complaints, mind. I’m just getting a jump on things.)

6 Responses to Update on Anchorage

  1. kali921

    I’m a firm believer in proactive and preemptive strikes against accusations of geological bias.

    Have fun in Alaska! I’ve always wanted to go to Alaska and see the wildlife, particularly the grizzlies, since I’m somewhat obsessed with reading about bears, being an amateur zoologist and ethologist. I live in San Francisco, and it’s so sad when I read about California history, and all the accounts of the Spaniards first arriving in San Francisco Bay, describing the abundant population of bears, wolves, eagles, etc.

    May you be inspired on your trip to Alaska, and may this result in a giant grizzly cameo in some future issue of Checkmate chomping on a baddie, then trundling off majestically back into the woods.

  2. incogvito

    dude, if you don’t tell me the next time you come to NYC, I’m totally shaving any facial hair you have the next time i see you…in your sleep.

    (and there’s nothin’ sexy about that!)

  3. fullburl

    If you can, grab some halibut tacos at the Bear Tooth. It’s just off Spenard.

  4. norris123

    Middle aged women make good security

    I’m glad you’re in Anchorage during what could possibly our last weekend with decent weather. From here on out it’s going to feel like Carpenter’s The Thing. So, welcome to Anchorage.
    I was planning on going to your panel at Bouchercon earlier today. I was excited to hear yourself and Sean Doolittle. I was also going to write about the panel for a news writing class I’m taking. But I couldn’t get in to the panel. I couldn’t pay the $100 to get into the con, and those mystery loving old ladies had the place locked down. They weren’t buying the bullshit I was trying to sell them about working for the student paper. I thought about just bum rushing the doors, but the ladies were so polite I didn’t want to be rude, and I feel like I’d be easy to spot at at a mystery novel convention.
    So, I leave the place pretty disappointed. I don’t get five steps out side of the Egan Center when you walk by and give me a nod. Unfortunately I recognized you a little too late and you had walked into the con.
    Well, that’s my sad story about the Mystery Con and I’ll try to catch you at the signing. Enjoy the AK.

    John Norris

  5. admin

    Re: Middle aged women make good security

    Yeah, they’re a pretty tough crowd. You should see what happens when they get in line for a Paretsky or Lehane signing.

    Funny, I absolutely remember passing you on the street, and I should’ve stopped, because I thought I saw the recognition. Sorry I didn’t, and hopefully I’ll see you tomorrow at Bosco’s.

  6. jesterwitch

    Hi Greg.

    My name’s Elena. I’d just like to say, Welcome to Anchorage! It seems that it’s quite rare that we get any comic writers in our small town–well…it’s supposed to be the largest city in Alaska. The point is, we’re very excited to have you at Bosco’s comics! I’m a frequent costumer there so I’ll be there tomorrow to great you. Once you see a girl with crazy hair, you’ll know it’s me. Trust me. My college ID says it all. LOL!
    I’m a huge Joker and Harley Quinn fan–and noticed you had a picture taken with the Gotham Public Works Joker and Harley! It’s great to have you!
    I just started reading Batman: No Man’s Land. So far it is phenomenal! I’ll see you at Bosco’s tomorrow afternoon!

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