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Under Weather

Been fighting a cold/sinus general misery for about a week now. It’s almost gone, and I’m hoping tomorrow will see my head clear enough to do some, I dunno, writing, maybe?

This is the problem with getting ill. The work backs up like…well, like water in my basement office, actually. I’ve got an angry Spaniard in Barcelona (and doesn’t that sound like a straight line?) waiting for me to deliver scripts that he can, in turn, hand to the artists he represents. I’ve got Steve waiting on the first script for Whiteout III, and he’s exhibiting the patience of a saint. That’s its own thing, frankly; been so long since I wrote that world, and, despite myself, I’m second-guessing every other word I put down, rewriting and rewriting and reworking to a level that is, frankly, uncharacteristic, even for me. JLu’s patience is about at an end, I think, but I’ve got a lucky reprieve for a few more days on delivery to Oni, it seems, as he and Randy Jarrell (scroll down a bit here) are off to SPX this weekend. So tomorrow, I resume the assault, once more scrap everything I’ve written, and start again. The ideas are there. It’s getting them to come out write/right that’s giving me the migraines. And, frankly, writing for Steve has become somewhat daunting to me, because I really want to give him work that’s worth the enormous effort I know he’s going to put into it. It’s an elevating effect, and ideally will lead to a better final product, but I’m putting a lot of pressure on myself for this project as a result, and, thus far, it’s leading to pages that no one is seeing but me.

Not to bitch or anything, of course.

Far as the fun land of Whiteout: The Movie goes…no news worth speaking of. But Lieber found the following image online, fan-created, and we both got a kick out of it, so I thought I’d share it here. No idea who created it, but they certainly know the PhotoshopFu.

4 Responses to Under Weather

  1. thatnickguy

    Neat image. Kind of reminds me of the cover to Millar’s Wanted. I’m still iffy on the movie, only because Beckinsale wouldn’t be my first choice to play the main character. But it’s still a great story, one that will translate well on screen. If it does well enough, I think Melt could turn into a good on-screen sequel, as well.

    Did either your self or Lieber have any say on the movie production? It seems that the more the original creator(s) is a part of the production, either as creative consultant (Mignola on Hellboy) or qusi-director (Frank Miller on Sin City), that the loyalty to the original work is greater. Heck, you could even see that same theory applied to JK Rowling and the Harry Potter films. The opposite of that would be many of Alan Moore’s work being adapted.

  2. _tonylee_

    I’ve been discovering that US conventions are a British writer’s best friend all year…

    I too have had the illness induced apathy recently. The only thing you can do is fight your way through it.

    And watch House, MD.

  3. incogvito

    wow, we really need to sit down and get lunch next time we’re in the same vicinity. I know that Spaniard…and his anger too, lol.

  4. stealthbunny

    Trying to write while sick just plain sucks. It grinds you to a complete halt. Even if you manage to get words down, it STILL FEELS like a complete halt.

    I feel and share the BLEH.

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