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Typing Disease

I’m on record about this in so many places at this point it’s not funny, but still I manage to forget it.

Writing is not a vocation, in my opinion. Writing is an illness. It’s an addiction. It’s either something you must do, or it’s something that you can do without.

For me, it’s something I must do, and I know this, and yet I can still manage to put myself into a place where the one thing I’m not doing is writing, and thus I make myself depressed and cranky and lethargic and generally no fun to be around, and it isn’t until I actually sit down and WRITE again that the gray miasma dissipates and I return, in some form, to my sane, typing addicted self.

Which is to say, I have written, and it may or may not be good written, but it IS written, and I am, for the moment, happy.

16 Responses to Typing Disease

  1. sd6

    Wow, that’s pretty much perfectly stated and the exact description of my own illness.

    Thanks, Greg – you’re cheaper than a shrink!

  2. dculver

    Have you read the War of Art by Steven Pressfield by any chance?

    It’s a really great book and he talks about that need to create and the resistance that’s always there.

    Multcolib has it, you should check it out if you haven’t read it :)

  3. moonandserpent

    I forget this at times and then my writing slacks off and I find myself really frustrated and twitchy for a week or two. Then I lock myself away and get back to writing and stuff explodes onto the monitor and then I feel much better. Just as long as I keep getting my fix.

  4. cornekopia

    I’m glad you’re so sick, because I’m really loving my new addiction to Crime Bible!

  5. kali921

    *makes copious notes*

    So, the opposite of graphophobia, then? DAMMIT, I had you pegged as a lachanophobe!

  6. nealbailey

    I dunno about you, but I actually start to mentally break down when for some reason I can’t write. Random bouts of just laying on the floor, crying, breaking things in my hand. When people aren’t around and I’m working on a pipe under the house, I’ll often just let out kind of a primal scream.

    I don’t think that’s nutty in the slightest, though many would disagree. Beyond the illness of the thing, it’s also like a cancer. There are times when the need to be sick is so bad, it flares up into this malignant mass of hell that scrapes at the back of your head when all you want to do is watch a little television for the first time in months or god forbid go out there and interact with people that don’t have an avatar next to your name.

    The only chemotherapy for many is alcohol, it would seem, which is why I tend to avoid it.

    It’s also kind of like being a Skrull. You can walk around looking and acting like everyone else, but when you’re alone…

    Hell, I even write on my birthday, when I want to turn off my brain the most. Can’t help it.

  7. spitfire92

    That’s really interesting to know! Even though I’m not an established writer with any deadline problems, I still feel the pull! When I don’t get the spare time it drives me absolutely nuts! What’s worse is that my brain is constantly ticking over possible directions and plot lines for a story I’m working on and that is draining! Anyone else get that problem? It makes my friends crazy lol.

  8. rashyn76

    Writing illness


    To know my pain is not alone, of course I have comics to peddle of my work, but I digress. I know your pain all too well

  9. dannyperkins

    I’ve seen you make this comment several times and it always amuses me.

    While not a writer I can undersand to an extent. I have those days at work where I know I have a ton to do and yet I find myself going to lunch having acomplished very little. It is frustrating.

    Hopefully you get your fix soon!

  10. snagvictim

    Ask the man who owns one.

    I’m like this, but with fried food, which is why I’m going to explode in a pulpy burst one day at dinner, covering the walls with wet fat.

    I just hope I get this story drawn first, ’cause it’s really goddamn good.

  11. admin

    Re: Ask the man who owns one.

    The way you work out? I doubt it. You’ve got more self-control than that.

    I am…relieved that you like it.

  12. jjgalahad

    Thanks for this. I’ve been in a major funk lately and I haven’t written anything of consequence in a while. Strange, but I didn’t see the correlation until your blog entry.

    Glad to hear your addiction’s working out wonderfully for you.

  13. stealthbunny

    Hmmm…. for the last …well, length of time, I’ve been fighting a really bad fibromyalgia/CFS flare, and I’ve just been too sick to write.

    But now I’m wondering if I’m feeling too sick because I’m NOT writing.


    I am also an obsessive embroider-er, and I do get grumpy if I go more than a day or two without taking at least a few stitches on a project, but I tend to use that as meditation as well.

  14. incogvito

    honestly, man, why do you do this? You make me want to quit the day job and just write! Dammit, decisions!!!

    Seriously, if I didn’t see this last night at 1:00 am this morning and I didn’t have to open the store @ 8:30 am, I would have been up all night writing.

    Can’t wait to get home tonight! Thanks again, Greg!

  15. josephinedamian

    typing disease

    Greg, check out these books:

    The Midnight Disease: The Drive to Write, Writer’s Block, and the Creative Brain by Alice Weaver Flaherty


    Seized by Eve La Plante

    for some insight into the phenomenon.

  16. admin

    Re: typing disease

    Thanks for these! I’ll check them out!

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