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Travel Day

I’m waiting for a cab to take me to that airport for this.

If any of y’all are going to be stopping by, please let me know!

7 Responses to Travel Day

  1. jonlaw


    That’s the most lurid convention web page I have ever seen. It’s great!

    Hope you travel safe and well. Wish I was nearby, but I will just have to wait until some suitable event draws you to DC Metro or Baltimore.

    Sorry about being the ranting lunatic on your posts yesterday (and you might see I still haven’t given up [it's the WHITE Whaaale, bwahahaha!!!!]), but something there really struck a deep chord with me. Still waters running deep, and, apparently, wacky.

    Be well.

  2. rubincomp

    Crime Bible Anyone?

    Check this out:

    Life imitating art? YOU be the judge!

    Have an awesome trip!

  3. anuisance2you

    I wish I kept up on these cons a little better. I’ll be about 30 miles from there all day on Saturday, but I have already committed to help a friend out….

    Have a good time. Make someone take you to the Cheese Castle. (Sadly, not an actual castle made of cheese, but still fun)

  4. lithera

    Alas, I shall be no where near there. But I will be taking Joker pictures on Sunday!

  5. novak

    I was just writing the evening up for myself/friends/family and saw that you kept a public blog here. It was a pleasure to meet you at Milwaukee’s Collector’s Edge this evening: thanks for making the time. It was my first “comics event,” and I imagine that I would prefer them small like that, where you can catch everyone’s conversation.

  6. wmd_actual

    Don’t be surprised if all the talk is about Crime Bible. Looks like you have a hit on your hands.

  7. admin

    I had a great time, I have to say. It was a terrific store, and it’s always a delight to meet the readers and to have a chance to talk, however briefly.

    It was a pleasure to meet you — hope I get to see you next time I’m in town.

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