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Tomorrow is Free Comic Book Day

Support it! Support you local comic shop (provided, of course, your local comic shop is not a hive of scum and villainy)! Bring small people, also called “kids”!

Myself, Jen, and Matthew will be at Olympic Cards and Comics from noon until at least five in the evening, so if you’re anywhere near Lacey (or Olympia, for those easily confused), Washington, come by and get free books and say “hi!”

4 Responses to Tomorrow is Free Comic Book Day

  1. davesbu

    well, I got myself Whiteout #1, which is very cool because I can’t seem to find the trade anywhere. Even the NY Public Library. But I figured they just pulled the copies back to reprint with that slug line “Now a Major Motion Picture Starring Kate Beckinsale,” nonsense.

  2. anw

    Rucka, you have a LiveJournal now? God, you never tell me anything any more! Mind you, ‘I’ve been to the ends of the Earth’ is as good an excuse as you’ll ever have for never returning my e-mails. Scoundrel.


  3. mercuryeric

    Glad to have you guys make the trek; apparently, Mr. Jerwa was quite pleased to meet you, as well:

    I particularly enjoy the photo of you devouring your own face with an Elvia Cthulhu.

    Pure. Gold.

  4. admin


    “I think you like me because I’m a scoundrel.”

    You say the sweetest things.

    And, uh…I guess I owe you and email, huh?

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