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To Any Of You Intel/Security/Policy Types out there

I share Mr. Winer’s curiosity about this sudden change in policy.

Anyone out there who can enlighten me?

4 Responses to To Any Of You Intel/Security/Policy Types out there

  1. stolenfuton

    I believe they were let off the hook after an investigation by the Council of Europe (PACE) led to the accusations that the UN Security Council was blacklisting certain individuals who were suspected of terrorist connections, despite not having found any hard evidence of “wrong-doing”. In summation, PACE said the UN Security Council was being hypocritical in blacklisting both Nada and Nasreddin because it was eroding basic fundamental human rights and whatnot–even for suspected terrorist financiers.

    It’s a total technicality that kinda brings up that whole question of “Do the ends justify the means?”, even if the ends meant saving a whole lot of lives further down the line.

    Then again, if that question was posed to someone who had lost a loved one in 9/11, I doubt they’d hesitate in their answer.

  2. dewline

    Could be any of at least three possibilities, or one of others that haven’t occurred to me:

    1) Factual innocence.
    2) The hypocrisy charge hit home in too many high places.
    3) Someone wants to smear the accused in certain circles by dropping the accusation.

  3. thatnickguy

    I’m not sure how often you look back on your own work, but this is an article looking back at your run on Wonder Woman as a whole. I thought it was a great read, especially the note about how Diana is perceived and when she appears on television in the series. I’m curious to wonder if that was deliberate on your part?

  4. jonlaw

    I’ll see what I can find out

    Not promising any enlightenment, but I know a guy who knows some other guys . . .

    So far, all I have back is “that’s a good question.”

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