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Tick Tick Tick

Four hours, 30 minutes left.

And, uh…that thing about the adult content filtering? I think I did that myself, when I was fiddling with the new theme.


Back to scribbling.

4 Responses to Tick Tick Tick

  1. kali921

    And here I was totally paranoid that some lurker had flagged your journal entries. Way to deflate my conspiracy theories, man.


  2. dewline

    And I don’t imagine my own comments helped with the deflation either, did they? *laughing at myself right now…*

  3. stealthbunny

    Yeah, but look how we all jumped to Greg’s defense and blamed LJ! Aren’t we the loyal bunch :)

    This whole filtering thing is high on the list of a lot of petpeeves. Wendyzski was doing the smoke and ears thing. Kinda made me torn between wishing I could have seen that, and being real glad I wasn’t there.

  4. wendyzski


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