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This kicks ass

I normally don’t veer to politics (though I do believe that writing — and capital ‘A’ Art — are always political), but I think this is well-articulated, well-delivered, and, frankly, spot damn on.

If you’re a Giuliani fan, don’t follow this link.

9 Responses to This kicks ass

  1. lancescott

    On a similar note, Travis Fox has a great YouTube link to Keith Olbermann taking Rudy to school:

  2. wmd_actual

    Olbermann rocks when he rants.

  3. mercuryeric

    Might as well, while I’m here…

    Greg, this is my friend Wes. Wes, Greg.

    ‘Night all.


  4. wmd_actual

    Guiliani’s luck has deserted him. Until now he had successfully dodged all the bullets of incompetence and cronyism he deserved from his time as mayor. Now every speech he delivers cuts deeper into his own political throat.

  5. wmd_actual

    Thanks E!

  6. dewline

    A fair concern, to put it mildly…

    …and one I agree with you about.

    Recently, pointed up a phrase I like for this sort of thing: “security theatre”. Seems to fit.

  7. dewline

    I look forward to seeing that one. Olbermann is a very salutory influence on the USA!

  8. jacoblb

    Oh, man. I used to like Giuliani, but if he’s bragging about how his commendable actions were on 9/11 and doing the Bush/Cheney thing whereby he’s playing the fear card then I don’t want to vote for him. At this point I’ll stick with McCain on the right…but on the left?…hmm.

  9. alexg119

    Lived through all the Guilani years in New York. Let me just say to all those who only got to know him post 9/11. DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE. The POLICE in NYC HATED him when he was in office! His security polices were downright reckless. Rant over.

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