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This is…I don’t know what this is, honestly….

This was sent to me via a friend. I’m sure those of you with the Web-Fu have encountered it already.

I’m thinking it has to be ironic. It has to be. Right?


10 Responses to This is…I don’t know what this is, honestly….

  1. dewline


    Someone thought this was a Good Idea?

  2. nealbailey

    It’s ironic to the people who can see the irony…but at least now I can remember my IP address.

  3. jeffrey

    Oh Neal, we all know it gets you off to hear a woman moan your internet protocol address, don’t lie. ;)

  4. mercuryeric

    –the fuck?

  5. admin

    Yeah! I mean, it’s not like she knows if you come back to the page later in the day or…uh…

    …never mind….

  6. jeffrey

    Oh, she knows he comes back… again! and Again! and AGAIN!!

    Ok, the idea of me sexily moaning is not cool. I’m going to give myself nightmares now.

  7. aylara

    And by ironic you mean HOTT! :P

  8. _tonylee_

    Hell, at least you have a new internet start up sound…

  9. dannyperkins

    Feeling better are we? :)

  10. cneseman

    Thanks for the link.

    That was hard to explain away.
    As if Marta didn’t think my Rucka man love was weird enough.


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