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The Revenge of Patriot Acts

Two quick things as I post from lovely Pacific City, Oregon, and vacation.

1) I’m being told by people that they cannot find the Patriot Acts in bookstores. This is most likely because the bookstore(s) in question haven’t bothered to order the book, and not because the book isn’t available. It’s available! Good lord, it’s so available, it’s practically EASY!

2) Much as I’m loathe to admit it, hype helps. If you’ve read the book and want to post a review at Amazon or wherever, please do so; it would mean a lot to me, frankly, and I’d like to see this novel get a fair shake. If you’d be willing to recommend the book to a friend, then by all means, feel free to recommend it to total internet strangers.


29 Responses to The Revenge of Patriot Acts

  1. coppervale

    I got the store here (Crossroads Books) to order a stack of them, and have been recommending it a lot (although I won’t be reading it until my vacation in a couple weeks, prior to my own book tour!)

  2. nealbailey

    Actually, it’s not lack of desire on the part of the bookstores. I went to Borders locally because I wanted to have the book read before I come say hello at the Seattle Mystery Bookstore (I love that place, and I’ve been meaning to go back for a while, great choice of venue)…

    They didn’t have it, and the guy said they ordered oodles, it’s just they’re still “in transit” and that they could be in there any day now. He said there’s a good chance it’d even come in tomorrow.

    My guess is that someone screwed up in shipping, but yeah, he knew it by name and knew it was coming, so don’t distress about that. :) At least, where I’m living.

    And shit yeah, expect a review. I’ve been waiting for this since I first met you, back when I plowed through the first Kodiaks in the space of weeks.

  3. admin

    This is wonderful to hear — I can’t thank you enough!

    Where’s the store? I don’t know if a drop-in is feasible, but I like to keep a list for my travels!

  4. admin

    I’ll see you there on Wednesday, man. Hopefully, I’ll have read the scripts by then, too!

  5. coppervale

    Eastern Arizona. I did (and am just now renewing) the comics series STARCHILD before this novelist career thing hit me between the eyes, so while you and I haven’t met, we have plenty of mutual friends.

    I moved back to my hometown and restored a 14,000 square foot church to use as a Studio. It’s a cross between Wonka’s Chocolate Factory; the Disney Studio around 1940; and Bud Plant’s private library.

    Then I decided we needed a bookstore – so we renovated a little country victorian on main street in time to open Crossroads Books for the debut of my pirate book from Simon & Schuster, and that Potter thing.

    You ever come across AZ between Flagstaff or New Mexico, let me know. We have workspace for visiting writers and artists, and are building out a three room guest suite for weary travelers.


  6. gabbicus


    Ours made it! :)
    Which was doubly cool, since half our shipment did not.

    I had to leave it in the car this morning with about a quarter of it left to go, so I could have some shot at getting work done, but quickly realized how useless that is, with an entire shelf of them staring at me ;)

  7. nealbailey

    Awesome. :) No worries if not, though.

    Enjoy the vacation, though… get off the internets! I only say that because I wish people would say it to me more when I’m “resting.”

  8. adgy

    I had no trouble finding a copy (thank christ), and I’ve been pimping the book on my own LJ, but I don’t know how many people are listening.

  9. stealthbunny

    I’d promote like crazy… but *hangs head in shame* I’ve only read one of them so far, BUT have three more coming to me in the mail! I do have to say, that while my concentration is really rotten these days, Finder stayed pretty much in my pocket and followed me around everywhere until I finished it. As in during meals, bathroom, doctors’ appointments, when I should have been working, outdoors with the rabbit on a 30′ rope while trying to keep him from eating the pages, when I should have been working, late at night when I should have been sleeping… um… I think you get the general idea. And I’m not usually a fan of the genre, either, so the attention monopolization is really saying a lot for your writing style.

    I’d plug it in my LJ… but … um… my rabbit’s blog gets more readers than mine does… *more shame here*

  10. dewline

    When I DO buy it…

    …I’ll more than likely be doing so here.

  11. odessasteps

    I didn’t want to take the chance of not finding it in week one, so I went ahead and amazon-ed it.

    I think it was you (when one of the Q&C books came out) who stressed the importance of the first week sales numbers (just like opening weekend box office I guess).

  12. anuisance2you

    The Borders on State Street in Chicago had them on the back side of the new releases table right up front. 2 left when I bought mine yesterday, but it looked like there had been a bigger stack at one point as there was a hole about 3 books deep.

    As soon as I finish Spook Country, Patriot Acts is on deck.

  13. supergodginrai

    It’s weird, our store only got 1 store. We’re a pretty big Borders, the only bookstore in the area, yet they shipped us only 1. Of course, I purchased it, I’ll have to store request more.

    Who knows the reasoning behind the 1 copy shipping.

  14. grocible

    My copy arrived yesterday, so I can vouch for its release. I’m having a hard time reading it and the book that I have to read for work – it’s not even a fair fight for that poor “Effective Habits” book . . .

  15. electricvinyl

    Hey Greg,

    A friend of mine who reads your blog asked me to post the following as he does not currently have a LiveJournal account:

    I work for a Barnes & Noble in Southeast Missouri, an area where your works are becoming more and more popular. That having been said, most fans in my area weren’t really aware of when Patriot Acts was coming out. Those that were aware of it, when they heard it was a hardcover release, gave the excuse of “I’ll wait until the paperback comes out,” which is common around here.

    Another problem that I’ve noticed working in a bookstore is that just because a store has two copies of a new book, they might not actually be on the shelf. Many customers are hesitant to ask for help finding a book, even fewer willing to wait for a bookseller to go in the back and find one of the two copies. When I initially requested that we order several copies of Patriot Acts, I noted that it needed to be on the shelf ASAP, else the local fanbase would go somewhere else.

    As it stands, I have yet to see a copy of Patriot Acts with my own eyes. My store has them, but they aren’t on the shelf because the shelvers and receivers won’t give them priority over the latest batch of The Secret that came in. Also, given the dramatic shift in status quo with Critical Space, a lot of fans in my area are waiting for someone else to report back on Patriot Acts before buying it; a friend of mine has already asked me about it.

    The way I see it, Atticus Kodiak is a long-term seller, not something that sells a million copies in a week, then goes away. Around here, the best advertising the books have ever gotten was from word of mouth.

    - Len

  16. alasdair

    I am deeply unimpressed with bastard Amazon UK, who right up until release, assured me that the expected delivery date was the day after release. The date comes and goes. No book. A day *after* that, I got an email telling me there was a delay, and it might be with me in about three weeks. If I’m lucky. Maybe.

    I mean, it’s not like I didn’t think: hmmm, this may be a bit tricky for them, a UK delivery date in line with the US release, so I’ll order it a month ahead, just so they damn well know I want the thing. Apparently, this was not enough.

    So I’m popping into town tomorrow and will try my luck at a few specialist places while I’m there.

    Still, I’ve learned an important lesson about believing things I read on the internet.

  17. papervolcano

    I had the same problem, both with this and in getting hold of Warren Ellis’ novel. Gosh! Comics in London had Crooked Little Vein, so I’ll try them tomorrow, otherwise it’ll be a case of jumping up and down on the staff of Waterstones/Foyles.

  18. dannyperkins

    Every time I go into a book store I look to see what Rucka books they have. I don’t know why I do it since its not like I’ll find something I haven’t read.

    Anyway on my recent trip to Nashville (yesterday) I was in a store there and after much searching I finally found your stuff (stores layout was horrid). 2 copies each of A Gentlemen’s game and Private wars with an Initial Vector mixed in. Not a single Kodiak to be found. Finally after I had all but given up on my way out it caught my eye. It was sitting on a “Cart” clearly waiting to be shelved. They guy I was with couldn’t believe I’d spotted it.

    So I’ve seen A copy. I hope that means they sold all the rest. I was frankly very surprised not to see any on the table marked “New Fiction”. You really can’t get much “newer” than Patriot Acts.

    I pimp your books to anyone who will listen. Problem being that nobody reads anymore. SAD. The guy I was traveling with actually admitted to “Never having read an entire book in his LIFE”. I think I’ve read 3 this month. And I don’t even read that much.


  19. alasdair

    When I ordered CLV, Amazon weren’t even pretending to be able to get it around the time of US release (so I got it elsewhere), which is why I’m a bit peeved to find them shifting the goalposts on Patriot Acts.

  20. jonlaw

    The “in transit” thing

    I preordered from Amazon. Unlike Harry Potter, they did not drop it off by special delivery on date of publication, but it did ship this week and the USPS my have it in my hands by Saturday. Reviews will follow, but I am sure others will beat me to it. Nonetheless, I cannot wait to be back with Atticus!

  21. hero_writer

    Personally, I’d like to commit mayhem on my local Barnes and Noble’s. I ordered “PAtriot Acts” in mid-July, so I’d be sure to have it on release day.
    I *still* haven’t got it — but my best friend (who lives in Colorado to my Illinois) ordered it a week in advance from the Barnes and Noble’s there — and got it on release day.
    Bookstores are becoming a pain.

  22. needsmorelana

    Re: The “in transit” thing

    That’s so odd. I pre-ordered and got mine the day it was released.

    As far as pimping it, when I found out it was coming out I told everyone I knew that I’d preordered it. They kept asking what it was about and I had no idea. I had to go back to the Amazon page to read the synopsis. (I’m obviously not a very good salesperson.)

  23. supergodginrai

    Sadly, bookstores cannot order those things that far in advance.
    They normally order them a few weeks before or so, so it might’ve just been that the person doing the ordering got to it a little late.

    Not making an excuse, but a reason.

  24. jviolette73

    Being that guy in Colorado, I just have to make two comments: one, the Lobo thing. HW will get what I’m saying.
    Two, the kid that took my pre-order over here didn’t take anything but my email address, which I thought odd… and I still haven’t gotten that email. I do have the book, so cool. But I don’t guess I actually ordered it, so much as “made willing.” I had to do the abovementioned “get the bookseller to go in the back and hunt down the book in the receiving area” for a few minutes, and then he found it on the shelf, which still bugs me (Does PA really belong in the mystery section?!?!?!??)

  25. supergodginrai

    Yeah, taking just your email address is a little odd, but I don’t work for B&N and I don’t know what they require for special orders. (we want #, address and so on, to be able to contact you)

    Going to the back to hunt down a book, that’s happened before to us, if our delivery got to us late and was still being sorted by sections in the receiving area… but a laydown book which comes out on a tuesday SHOULD be sent a week to a few days before and be ready and on the shelves by tuesday opening.

    PA is a thriller of sort, so mystery/thriller is suitable, in my opinion, but that’s just my opinion.

  26. hero_writer

    Hmm. Okay, “ordered” is perhaps the wrong word. “Reserved” might be better.

    And the reason I’m so irked by this is that I’ve done this before, with other books that were due to be released on a specific date, and gotten the books. Regardless of popularity of author (from the popular Preston & Child of the “Agent Pendergast” books to the sadly-unsung Steven Gould’s “Jumper” series), the book was there the day it was released, every time — until “Patriot Acts.”

    And with jv getting his from B&N on release day?

    Yeah, B&N’s shipping department is on my shit list. I finally got the book — yesterday. Three days after I should have!

  27. kali921

    Me? Pimp Greg Rucka?!

    Me? Pimp something written by Greg Rucka?! Unheard of! Never!

    Patriot Acts was on the shelves at Cody’s Books in Berkeley (a venerable bookstore of impeccable reputation that you probably already know about) when I stopped by last week. I’ve actually never read any of the Atticus Kodiak books, and I don’t know why, because with my hardcore political science background, taut thrillers heavy on political machinations and intrigue are completely appealing to me.

    Except for Tom Clancy. I was lucky enough to be taught by George Breslauer at U.C. Berkeley (I took an ENTIRE YEAR of Soviet Foreign Policy, that’s how motherfrellin’ hardcore I am), and he had a cutout of Tom Clancy’s head taped to a dart board in his office, because he was of the firm opinion that Tom Clancy fomented tragic amounts of ignorance about Russia and the FSRs amongst the American public.

    /pointless andecdote

    Greg, I really liked that last issue of Checkmate. I enjoyed the Castellan concept tremendously. Also, “Castellan” is a tres-nigh-impossibly cool title, one I would take for myself if I wasn’t so enamored of Supreme Accuser. Thanks, as always, for your wonderful work at DC.

    PS: please get Dan Didio to let you fix everything. Please.

  28. kali921


    …I meant to say that I will be happy to write reviews once I read it, and pimp it numerous places, which was supposed to be the whole point of my comment above.

    Clearly, more caffeine is in order. Sorry!

  29. admin

    Wow! I finally got to look at the link, and you weren’t kidding! Thanks so much for banging the drum — I’m incredibly flattered. I seriously owe you for the hype!

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