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The Remains of Chicago

So…I utterly failed to update this here blog while the show was going on in Chicago this past weekend. There’s a good reason for this. The reason is that, whenever I wasn’t on the floor or on one panel or another or at a premiere, I was writing.

A lot.

And now the draft is done. The key words here are “draft” and “done.” There will be rewriting. There will be revising. There may even be some structural modification. And there will certainly be polishing.

But Kodiak #7 is, for the moment, completed. A very different novel than the previous ones. Far more linear in plot, and, stylistically, probably the sparest prose I’ve ever written. I think it serves the novel — both as a narrative, and with regard to its subject matter — well.

And now I am going on vacation for a week or so.

Then I will attend to all the various projects that have been clamoring for my attention while the novel has dominated my life.

Nice to be done.

Quiet satisfaction.

A rare feeling.

18 Responses to The Remains of Chicago

  1. jonlaw

    Excellent news. Hope you have a very fine vacation with the family. I know there is a lot to come before it is in my hands, but I can’t wait to read the book.

  2. jeditigger

    Heh. I was thinking you didn’t say a peep over the weekend. Nothing like finishing a project, even the draft of a project. I can commiserate just because I finished an article this weekend that messed with my head all week.

    Have a good vacation. Deserved.

  3. nealbailey

    It’s the best feeling.

    Do you get a little weirdly depressed too, when it’s all over? I mean, the birth part.

  4. thatnickguy

    As someone who has written two novellas (sadly, unpublished as I don’t know any publisher who might want to do a series of short pulp books), I know exactly what you mean. When I wrote the last sentence to the first novella, I just sat back and went “Wow, I did it…I actually did it!” So, congrats to that feeling!

    Out of curiosity, how long does it usually take for you to write a full novel? What’s the word count of this draft?

    Where did you do you writing while at the con, anyway? I’m just being nosy about the workings of a writer.

  5. admin

    Yeah, it’s about a year out from release at this point, I think; no hard date as yet.

    Still, there’s plenty of stuff I need to send your way. Send me a reminder in a week, would you? Now that I have some of my life back, I can start sending out packages again!

  6. admin

    Thank you.

  7. admin

    Yeah, I get postpartum, but that’s largely effected by what else I have waiting when I’m finished, and what else needs be doing. I think I’ll be okay this time; heading to the coast today, after all, for quality time with friends and family.

  8. admin

    The time it takes varies wildly. From conception to completion is usually around ten months for me, at least seven of which are devoted entirely to getting my thoughts in order and the research accomplished. Writing tends to be a fairly quick process once I start. It’s the thinking that takes so damn long.

    Con writing, most of it was in my hotel room. Some of it, yesterday, was in the Hyatt lobby, actually.

  9. nealbailey

    Have a well-earned blast, man.

  10. enewsom

    Congratulations! Now take a load off and rest a spell!

  11. will_eslinger

    I’ve spent this summer catching up on your non Q&C novels. So far I’ve read Keeper, Finder, Fistful of Rain and half of Smoker.

    It’s really so much fun to discover a series that you love and have just a pile of them to read and still know that there’s more to come once you get caught up!

    So I guess this is just me saying thanks!

    Also, can you say if the 22nd S.A.S. are featured in this one? They were my favorite part of Finder!

  12. jarmon

    Have I really been reading Kodiak novels for 10 years now? Can’t wait for the new one.

  13. qmoonblood

    New Kodiak

    Great news. I’ve been with ya from the start and can’t wait to see where you take us.


  14. odessasteps

    Do you always end up writing at conventions?

    A couple years ago at Charlotte (or was it Baltimore), you were knee deep in writing one of the books and were locking yourself in your hotel room in order to finish it.

  15. abc_evie

    I’ve never commented here, but after learning that I missed your appearance on panels on both Wonder Woman and Batman: Gotham Knight, I just wanted to share how deeply I enjoy everything you write. I did at least get an advance copy of B:GK, and it was phenomenal. I’m supposed to be a journalist but I’m feeling gushy–keep up the most excellent work and congrats on finishing that draft.


  16. jared465

    Kodiak #7 in the can

    Excellent news dude! Have yourself a drink and enjoy the time off!

  17. lithera

    Congrats, sir. I was certainly thinking of you on my own trip through Chicago-land.

  18. matchesmalone

    Congrats on a well deserved vacation….

    I just wish I had a good definition of the difference between rewriting, revising, and polishing. I know what they are for screenplays, does that carry over?

    Also, still looking for the Comic Book Style Definition of the difference between a story, and an incident….

    Again, congrats.

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