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The Rains Have Come Again

There’s a preview of Final Crisis: Revelations over at Newsarama (or “The ‘Rama, as the kids say). First six pages of issue 1 for your amusement-slash-enjoyment-slash-indignation, choose as you will. The issue hits the stands on Wednesday, so my multi-month drought on released work is finally coming to an end.

In anticipation,

Alex Boney has a nice review of The Question: The Five Books of Blood posted over at Comic Geek, for your perusal.

This whole thing with Russia and the Republic of Georgia is pissing me the hell off.

Back to work….

23 Responses to The Rains Have Come Again

  1. lithera

    I get the feeling that Russia is looking to stay….

  2. futuredirt

    The preview looks great! I can’t wait to see the full issue in all its glory. One question though: When does issue #1 take place in terms of the main title? Are you opening the story during the “missing month”?

    Thanks for the sneak of #3. Mr. Tan will only give us half panels at a time, if even that much. I guess he’s just a bigger tease than you are. :P

    I am at a loss for words on the Russia/Republic of Georgia conflict. The Russian government is already in need of a PR overhaul, and this is definitely not helping their image any. I can’t help but feel sorry for their athlete’s competing over in China. Any success they achieve will be overshadowed by their government’s ass-hattery. This is not to minimize the struggle of the Georgians. I hope the fighting ends soon and they can resume what little sense of peace they might have had before, if not more. I am just trying to point out that there are other victims of a Russian/Republic of Georgia conflict, though the consequences certainly aren’t nearly as severe for everyone.

  3. admin

    Absolutely. Though they won’t say as much. They’ll install a government they prefer.

  4. will_eslinger

    Did you guys hear about Google getting into the conflict?

  5. lithera

    Of course. They’ll never say as much. Of course, we wouldn’t either. There are some things that are patently see through at times.

    Reminds me a little of when the Kursk went down. My dad was a reactor chief on submarines and even with just that cursory knowledge of submarines, I knew pretty much everything the Russians were saying were pretty lies and covering their asses.

  6. jeditigger

    The Russia/Georgia thing is unconscionable. Rather like the US/Iraq thing. :P

    EDIT: Forgot to note that that preview kicks ass. Damn, nice work.

  7. mattsnyder

    Outstainding indie blogger Michael Totten (a Portlander, I believe) is heading to Azerbaijan now, and he comments breifly on Georgia. Should be interesting to see him post from the region. His posts from around the Middle East and more recently in the Balkans are excellent.

  8. insektmute

    My memory’s a bit hazy, but hasn’t Russian been biting at Georgia for like, ever?

  9. dewline

    Yeah. My concern is that Putin, Medvedev and company simply don’t give a damn what the rest of the human race thinks of this. Not so long as they’ve got enough Russian voters willing to go along with this to re-establish their “rightful” sphere of influence in the world.

  10. dewline

    If they’ve got an eye on putting the kibosh on this ASAP and getting everyone back to the status quo ante bellum borders, saving Russian and Georgian lives thereby, then more power to Google!

    Update: I just finished reading this Wired and have bookmarked Thanks much!

  11. dewline

    The goal has been to drag Georgia back into Russian control for quite some time now.

  12. futuredirt

    Of course, when you have state-run news corporations you can just tell the masses what to think:

  13. oakenguy

    Those six pages are very, very satisfying.

  14. admin

    I’ll make a point of following the blog; thanks for the pointer.

  15. narm00

    The preview looks great! I can’t wait to see the full issue in all its glory. One question though: When does issue #1 take place in terms of the main title? Are you opening the story during the “missing month”?

    Revelations #1 begins during FC #1; Superman’s speech at the beginning of the Revelations preview is one he was giving in FC #1.

  16. admin

    Yeah, saw that. Lovely, ain’t it?

  17. futuredirt

    Thanks. I can’t believe I didn’t connect that.

  18. dewline

    Weren’t they, though?

  19. midusunknown

    Can’t wait for Revelations
    and THANK GOD someone else is finally talking about the south ossetia thing! I mean, this BS has been brewing for some time now, but I never saw it unfolding like this. Furthermore people are so wrapped up in the olympics and a frightful third celebrity death that no ones giving this proper news time or discussion anywhere but online.

  20. dewline

    Up here, we’ve had some more legitimate(!) distractions: cell phone service pricing shenanigans, internet bandwidth throttling by the top-tier ISPs, propane plant explosions in Toronto, a riot in MontrĂ©al, a couple of deaths in Afghanistan with some “shady civilian contractor” undertones…

  21. the_fallen_

    I loved the 6 page preview, I’m not sure people on newsarama realize those aren’t the real titans though. And that preview…are we meeting god’s love since the spectre is his wrath? Or was I looking too much into the caption at the bottom of the page there?

    I’m not well versed in the russia/georgia thing :(

  22. admin

    Yeah, those ARE NOT the Titans.

    I think, in the actual printed comic, it will be clearer that they’re just three poor women in bad costumes.

    As to your second question…wait until issue 2.

  23. the_fallen_

    I kept seeing the comments and couldn’t believe people didn’t get that those weren’t the real titans. Raven’s not a blond. Thank you by the way for finally dealing with light, I’m glad someone stepped up to the plate and pitched it. I was angry with the whole rape thing never getting dealt with.

    And your an evil, evil man but thats why I read your books. I just actually saw the animated batman movie, loved your stuff when I found out what you wrote. When are they giving you a question series?!

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