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The Quick Version

Had to cancel on attending Heroes Con. Scheduling conflict that couldn’t be resolved. Will be attending next year. My sincere apologies to anyone inconvenienced, disappointed, or otherwise annoyed by this.

Will be attending WizardWorld Chicago, primarily to participate in the premiere of Gotham Knight and the subsequent ensuing publicity onslaught. Will also be singing and dancing as required at various panels, and, I expect, be signing at various signing-like locations. Hoping to get together with the Around Comics crew, as Chicago is their stomping grounds.

Will be speaking at Nunzio DeFilippis’ class Monday night. Looking forward to it. Geoff spoke to the class a couple weeks back, and apparently had a grand time. I intend to do the same.

Finished two scripts in the past week, but it’s been kinda a hang-fire on the novel for the last three. Had gone through various contortions about a narrative decision, had committed to it, then, on second, third, and eighth reconsideration…reconsidered it. It was not as good an idea as I thought it was going to be. Good that I caught it before committing 30K words in its pursuit. Not good in that I have now written myself into a narrative hole that is deep, dark, and apparently lacking in any hand-holds to use to climb out. Suspect I will be able to manufacture a rope from something (hair, spiderwebs, very small rocks, a duck) in the next week, which should put me on track to complete the draft before the end of June, which only puts me six weeks later than I said I would be, which, given my recent record on delivery, isn’t that bad, frankly (though still not something I’m proud of).

Venture Brothers returns tomorrow.

And even though I shouldn’t, I’m showing you all this

15 Responses to The Quick Version

  1. lithera

    A duck? Really? I mean… Swans or flamingos, you’d think.

  2. admin

    Also bread.

  3. lithera

    Ahhhh. It makes much more sense now.

    Do you have a spoon, perhaps?

    (Oh, btw, still no names for Bette’s parents.)

  4. shanejayell

    That is one HELL of a Question pic.

  5. mercuryeric

    Will also be singing and dancing as required at various panels, and, I expect, be signing at various signing-like locations.

    Do you take requests? I like Van Morrison’s “Moondance”, but will also settle for rockabilly-era Elvis.

    Philip Tan’s work is sex. You lucky, lucky bastard.



  6. hdefined


    I love what you’re doing at DC, and I’m generally interested in what Geoff Johns, Grant Morrison, and perhaps a handful of others have been up to . . .

    . . . but I repeatedly get the impression that editorial doesn’t know what to do with their characters, how to coordinate their books, how to appeal to readers of any type. What’s wrong with DC and are you involved in any sort of coordinated effort to try to fix it? You don’t have to reveal any secrets, I’m just looking for a shred of hope.

  7. demonweasel

    Holy hopping hell that’s a good looking Question pic. I seriously can’t wait until the Question/Specter team-up book.

  8. tallulah71

    The Question art is fantastic. I can’t wait to see more.

  9. steelmagnolia88

    Three cheers for the Question cover! Ok, it’s convinced me I need to buy this series in August. Just gonna have to by-pass SI: X-men. Which is worth it. You’ve made Renee such a loveable character to me. Since my friend let my borrow all of 52 and I went back an bought GC back issues and Crime Bible, Renee as herself and the Question has become my favorite character in the DCU.

    Also can’t help but notice the blood on her fist, telling detail maybe?

    You’ve made my day. :)

  10. jjgalahad

    Go with Geese. They’re way less expensive and ostentatious. Why, it’s my understanding that even a random street urchin can buy one for the price of several coins thrown from a window on Christmas Morning.

  11. jjgalahad

    That Question pic is amazing. And thanks for the Venture Bros. heads-up!

  12. lithera

    That is a fantastic point. And they’re already cooked then. An uncooked one should be cheaper.

  13. jjgalahad

    Thank you. You really do need to go with an uncooked goose; not only because the uncooked one is cheaper but also because any cooked goose has been beheaded. No long goose neck, no dead bird ladder and there are you – stuck in a pit with a cooked goose. Hence the origin of the popular phrase “your goose is cooked”. Not many people know that one.

  14. hdefined

    Like, up until this series, the only things that have been done with the new Spectre were that really mediocre OYL miniseries and Tales of the Unexpected, which was really weak. These series seemed to exist for the sake of appearing to make use of the Spectre without actually making use of the Spectre. Stuff like that is whittling away my faith in the company.

  15. jeditigger

    Not that I want you to feel bad, but you deciding against HeroesCon pretty much meant I didn’t go. :) Heh. Oh well. There’s always next year!

    PS: I’m a friend of and I can’t believe I keep forgetting you have a journal here. She’s told me at least twice. :)

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