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The Lesson of Greed

Releasing a comic in the window between Christmas and New Year’s is always met with a resounding, even deafening, silence. Not like people have other things to do than hit their LCS, after all.

But with that in mind, a little reminder that Crime Bible #3 came out on Thursday here in the U.S., with art by Matthew Clark, and another gorgeous Page 1 courtesy of mercuryeric and Steve Lieber.

Cover to the issue, again by Van Fleet,

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that is the mysterious Batwoman in free-fall with the Question, there.

8 Responses to The Lesson of Greed

  1. dculver

    that’s a nice voer. I think comics didn’t come out until today though.

  2. kali921

    I like the different perspective. The first time you posted this image, I think it was inverted vertically?

    Lovely use of color! I adore the way GREED echoes the accents on Kate’s costume.

  3. mercuryeric

    Best cover yet, according to our customers; I suspect that this is because Van Fleet’s composition necessitated shrinking down some of the trade dress, which is currently choking the life out of most DC covers these days.

    Great issue, by the way. Kudos, man. Reads great!


  4. hdefined

    Hey Greg, I didn’t read the issue yet, but I was in Jim Hanley’s today while they were recording their podcast or whatever they call it, and they mentioned how five or ten pages of Crime Bible #3 became, for a brief moment, Gotham Central again – and they emphasized that this was incredibly high praise.

    They also asked who was reading it, and no one responded, and then asked who would read it if it was the opening arc to a Question series instead, and one person cheered – which, as they noted, would be one more potential reader. It too boggles my mind who among editorial think “The Crime Bible” would be a better title than “The Question.”

    And I’m reading Patriot Acts and enjoying it. Couldn’t find it in Korea, so I had to return to the states to pick it up.

  5. bbe

    Just finished it, I enjoyed it. Still slightly fanboyish miffed that the ‘real’ Question is gone, but it’s a good story nonetheless. Actually might hold off reading the next one till 6 is out and read ‘em all in one go. Hope we eventually get an explanation on how the crime cult has popped out of nowhere while the books have been around since the 1500s.

  6. admin

    The series is actually only five issues, not six, so, uh, waiting until six might, y’know…not work out that well.

    As for an explanation as to why it suddenly appeared…not really. The best you get is Carlysle’s analysis in CB 1. Instead of presenting it as something new, we’re trying to present it as something old that was never really taken seriously, and that, in the main, the people who hear about it don’t; there are only a handful of people who understand that the “urban legends” and the like have a basis in fact, and most folks wouldn’t want to believe them, anyway.

  7. admin

    That’s good news that they liked it, but rather par-for-the-course that not many folks are reading it. I think you’re right about the title, of course, but I’ve said that before, elsewhere. It was a fight editor Mike Siglain and I fought, and lost.

    The good news is that the trade, due out in June, will be called, “The Question: The Five Books of Blood.”

    Which, y’know, helps.

    Glad you’re enjoying PA! Let me know what you think when you finish it!

  8. hdefined

    Though this isn’t really hindering my enjoyment of PA, it certainly didn’t help that I read the first five AK novels in one sitting two years ago. I know I could probably look up the summaries online, but despite no recap, I feel like the prologue gave me everything I needed to know.

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