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The Last Run (It’s Called Timing, Friend, Timing…)

I love the fact that people are surprised to hear Hamid Karzai admitting he took bags of cash from the Iranian government.

Look at a fucking map, people. Seriously, just look at a fucking map. Where is Iran on that map? Where is Afghanistan?

Iran has expertly been influencing and shepherding events in the Middle East for the last twenty-plus years, aggressively so since the end of Gulf I. They’ve been working the angles in Iraq since the invasion; they’ve established a presence amongst the Kurds (due in no small part to put the Fear of Allah into Turkey); they’ve been pouring money into Lebanon; they provide materiel support and money to Hezbollah. Everyone’s looking at their nuclear capability, and yes, that’s legitimate, and they forget the conventional. Iran is a tank, and it’s rolling neatly all over the Middle East.

On a more personal, and somewhat darkly amused front, this coincides nicely with the release of The Last Run, which sees Tara heading to Iran. Once again, my timing is impeccable.

Yay, me.

So, yes, the new novel is on sale as of midnight tonight. It’s available at Amazon and B&N and oh so many other places online, and I would like it very much if you would buy a copy. And if you are looking to purchase a copy, and if you are, say, interested in getting it signed, even personalized, with a JH Williams III limited edition bookplate (details in this post, here!) included at no cost, might I make a suggestion? Amazon and B&N, they’re very nice, true, they make things easy…

…but you could contact, say, Murder by the Book in Portland, Oregon. Or Murder by the Book in Houston, Texas. Or the Seattle Mystery Bookshop. Or the Mystery Bookstore in Los Angeles. Or The Poisoned Pen in Scottsdale. You could email or call any of these fine independents, and when I am there, I will happily sign a book or three for you, and yes, I will have bookplates with me, and yes, they will be included.

I would, frankly, much prefer if you did this. These are only a handful of the terrific mystery bookstores out there, just the ones that I will be visiting on this abbreviated tour. But if you were to buy from them, not only are you supporting the independents, you also won’t have to wait for me to get around to mailing you a bookplate separately. It’s win-win. The staff at each and every of these stores are terrific – they will take down your precise requests, exactly how you want the book inscribed. We’re talking personal service here!

So please, if you’ve yet to buy a copy, consider buying from one of these wonderful establishments. As much as your willingness to read what I write, their efforts make my continuing work possible.

9 Responses to The Last Run (It’s Called Timing, Friend, Timing…)

  1. Ralf Haring

    Doh. Preordered it on amazon many weeks ago and they have started shipping as of Sunday.

  2. James

    Fantastic book Greg! I got lucky and Amazon shipped it to me Saturday, and I had initially planned on only reading a few chapters, but before I knew it the book was over and it was 2am.

  3. Greg Nock

    That’s a great idea, Greg. I checked for the book at a local independent shop here in Cincinnati, but I would have to special-order it through them, anyway. So, I think I’ll follow your suggestion and arrange for a signed copy from your Houston visit!

  4. Phil Sandifer

    Already had it on the Kindle when I saw this, though I wasn’t near any of those locations anyway. But mostly I just wanted to say that I’m very much enjoying the minor corruptions of Premier League managers throughout the book. I thought Ron Hodgson might just be a coincidence, but now that Alexis Ferguson has wandered by, I’m actively waiting for Sammi Alardyce, Mick Hughes, Mark McCarthy, and whatever other quirks might be wandering through. :)

  5. Scott Hampton

    Regarding Greg’s suggestion of contacting one of the locations for his signings, I called Murder by the Book in Portland last year to purchase a copy of Walking Dead and have it signed. They were awesome and I highly recommend doing this if you can’t make it out to a signing.

  6. Haley Hwang

    Please don’t make us wait too long before bringing Tara back. I loved the ending to The Last Run. But I want to know what happens after that, how her life is the same or different! I’m so glad that I discovered this series.

  7. Alexg

    Does anyone read Herodatus anymore? Iran has been at this game a LONG time…

  8. Greg Rucka on The Last Run « Talking with Tim

    [...] Right as The Last Run was released in late October, news broke (as you noted at your blog) “Hamid Karzai admitting he took bags of cash from the Iranian government”, [...]

  9. howard mandel

    Just finished The Last Run — you are a master at writing action, sir! The scene leading up to and of the disastrous exfil of Falcon was genuinely suspenseful, also clear and alive. I think acronyms are the bane of good fiction writing, and there are a lot of them here, which troubled me from the author of A Fistful of Rain, but ok, I hope you get your movie deal out of this. But I have enjoyed Queen and Country almost as much as yr Atticus series, and it’s been largely because those action sequences soar. Thanks, keep right on.

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