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The Grind

Toronto this past weekend, long days of travel, but wonderful, wonderful people – a great show. Small, friendly, got so be parked in a line with Chris Sprouse on my left and Philip Tan and Barry Kitson on the right, which was rather awesome, frankly. Philip I’ve known for a few years, now; Chris I’d met long ago; Barry I’d never had the privilege of meeting before, and am very, very glad I was finally able to rectify that. To everyone who came by to chat and get stuff signed, a sincere thank you.

Not a terrible amount of update information at the moment; still waiting to hear back from numerous people on numerous projects, ranging from the small to the inordinately ambitious. This has made answering the, “so, what are you doing now?” question a little challenging, as you might imagine. And yes, before you ask, I am well-aware that Stumtpown #4 was promised by the start of June, and here we are approaching its chewy center, and there’s no issue in sight. I shall apprise you all of the ETA as soon as I have that information.

And I SWEAR TO GOD this will be the LAST TIME this happens. When we solicit for the next arc, the issues will ship on time each month. I cannot thank all of you enough for your patience. We will get the schedule nailed down soon, I promise.

As to what I am up to? Glad you asked, here’s a sample or three…

GH1 - inks

Start of a sequence, pencils and inks by Rick Burchett

Gowanus Heights 2

Continuing the sequence

Colored panel from GH1

Color Test

By way of example, so’s you know.

The Mister8 voting for the final round ends today. I find it vaguely ironic that it comes to a close two days before the World Cup begins. I’m probably the only person who finds that ironic, but I’ve admitted before to being strange. Last I checked, Chace was getting roundly and savagely beaten by the Men from U.N.C.L.E., which is certainly a beating she can take; she’s suffered far worse at my hands, certainly. That said, if you haven’t voted, get your tail over there and cast a vote – Chace or Solo & Kuryakin, whichever may be your pleasure. As I think I’ve said before, I’m still more than a little amazed she made it this far!


17 Responses to The Grind

  1. Gail Simone

    That art is gorgeous. Love Rick Burcett’s work!

    Can’t wait for this.

  2. Jared

    awesome. this project looks great!

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  4. King

    I’ve been curious what Burchett’s up to lately, he’s easily a favorite. To find out he’s got a project coming up with you is more than I could hope for!

  5. Evan

    Great stuff! Looks like round 1 goes to the professional soldier over the rough hewn frontiersman. Hope round 2 goes better or we might lose the

    I put in my final plug for Tara and Q&C in the comments last night. Mostly coherent but a few typos. We gained a couple of percentage points, but still basically losing 2 to 1.

    If you have 200 plus voters squirreled away now is the time to let them loose.

    Can’t wait to see what is next.


  6. Jeff

    Thank you for the update regarding Stumptown, Kind Sir. I didn’t see it on next week’s releases and I would rather know for sure not to get my hopes up. The good news is that the anticipation can continue longer–it is the journey that counts.
    And seeing a new project from you rocks. I am partial to Chace and crew, but anything Rucka is great for comics.

  7. Larry Shuput

    that preview looks great. the color test reminds of of old adventure strips

  8. Ty


    It was good to meet you too at the Toronto Con. Glad you enjoyed it.

  9. Patrick Herman

    Hi everyone,

    Any of you guys know if Rick Burchett maintains a website and/or a blog? Greg, any chance of the two of you doing a convention or signing appearance at some point?

    Thanks for your time and consideration.



  10. rucka

    To my knowledge, Rick does not. He is, in every good way, Old School

  11. Derek


    I don’t know if you read the comments of your blog as often as you used to, but I just wanted to let you know, I just finished Walking Dead for the second time*, and the last 25 pages are the most affecting you’ve ever written–among the most affecting I’ve ever read, period. I’m almost having trouble putting into words what it’s making me feel. It is profoundly sad, but also hopeful and beautiful, especially Atticus and Alena naming their baby Natalie. Thank you for such a finely crafted and, in my opinion, important novel.


    *I’m a re-reader. I read all the other books in the series a second time right before Walking Dead was out, and this was my third time through.

    PS. While I love these characters, I hope you don’t do another book with them. These people deserve their hard-earned happy ending.

  12. Derek

    (Wait, I am a retard. You must read these, because you replied right above me. I did not notice that.)

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  14. Nick

    Well, I am a little bummed at no Stumptown #4 yet and it doesn’t appear that it will be out until the end of August according to the Oni Press site. I am glad to see that you will not be soliciting future arcs until the work is done. Even though it might take longer for your work to get out, knowing that it will be out when it is solicited is well worth it.

  15. rucka

    Nick, I hadn’t seen the Oni site update. Unfortunately, that seems to be how I find out about shipping these days. As stated, this is the last time this happens – I won’t roll out the next arc until it’s 75% in the can, at least. I’m more than a little embarrassed by the whole situation, honestly.

    Derek, thanks for the very kind words on Walking Dead. I think it’s one of my best efforts to date, and it’s nice to hear you appreciated it.

    Working on new novel ideas right now, neither of them Atticus, so – for now – their respite will continue.

  16. Nick

    Greg, thanks for the quick response! I have to admit that it has been rough not being able to get some of your work recently. I really liked the ending to The Question co-feature. It seemed like you had more to say at the end but I thought it touched on a lot of things really well. What was your rationale behind Renee’s final outcome? Is it something that you had planned since your Final Crisis story or was it just something that seemed to work for you? Just curious. I was and still am a huge fan of your work on Renee and also Kate. Have you and JH had any conversations on his future Batwoman stories? It appears that he is working from some sort of guidelines that he has available to him. I was simply curious.

  17. Josh (origamikid)

    Hi Greg,

    Just wanted to say firstly that i am loving Stumptown – it is quite difficult to find over here in the UK when it does make it out but am thoroughly enjoying it! Very happy to hear issue #4 is on the way, I was worried that it had been canceled or dropped or something…thank god it’s still on the way!

    This book has been an introduction of sorts for me to your writing, I will be checking out some more of your stuff very very soon! Have you done any other crime/thriller books?

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