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The Easy Part

“Times like these, we sure could use a friend.”

Yesterday was not a good day. Yesterday blew chunks. Yesterday was the kind of work day where no actual typing occurred, yet the whole day was devoted to writing in one fashion or another. Yesterday was the kind of day they never talk about in writing classes or seminars or college or you-name-it.

Yesterday sucked.

Today, back at World Cup Coffee and Tea at Powell’s books. Nice cup of coffee, and the first pass galley pages of Patriot Acts in front of me. That’s real work. That’s the kind of work that, when it’s done, you can feel you’ve accomplished something, you’ve moved forward, rather than simply holding ground.

Typing, you see, is the easy part. It’s everything else that’s hard. From the minutiae of the business, trying to be a Professional writer, to the actual conception, research, execution, whatever is required to make the work come to life.

The typing is the easy part.

“As for the brother, well…Pluto’s not a planet anymore, either.”

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