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The Curse of the Little ‘Uns

I’ve got a cold. The kind that establishes base camp in the upper thoracic cavity and then sends an expeditionary force to the sinuses to establish a beachhead and claim as much territory as possible.

Their mission, for the time being, has been an unqualified success.

Haven’t posted in forever, mostly because it’s been a bumpy couple weeks. Things of note on the writing front — Crime Bible #3 is almost finished. This is the issue that Matthew Clark, dear friend and talented Son of a Bitch is drawing. This issue is set in Gotham. This issue will have Batwoman in it. This issue will rawk.

The Trautmann was down for two days last week, and we pretty much figured out all things Checkmate through issue 25. Which, as that statement should tell you, means he and I pretty much co-writing 21 on. 21 and 22 — Mlle Marie. 23 – 25, Pawn 502 returns, and the much anticipated debut of the Rooks. The trick for introducing the Rooks has always been coming up with a reason for them to deployed.

Leave it to Trautmann to come up with a plot so vile and skin-crawlingly evil that the Rooks are a reasonable option.

I’ll be at PAX this coming weekend, shilling Logan’s Shadow for the fine folks at Sony. If you’re at the show and want to stop by and say hi, that’d be great.

More posting will occur when my head is not in danger of exploding with snot.


11 Responses to The Curse of the Little ‘Uns

  1. indigi

    I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the latest Checkmate. After the home run you hit with the previous issue, I wasn almost certain there’d be a noticeable drop in quality, then when I heard about this co-writer I almost didn’t bother to pick up the issue.

    Turns out it was awesome and explored a side of Checkmate that made so much sense I couldn’t believe I hadn’t noticed its absence.

  2. tallulah71

    I’m looking forward to the Crime Bible and yay for including Batwoman. Thanks so much for bringing Renee from a supporting, to a fully fleshed-out character in the main DCU storyline. I hope you have many more projects in the future, but I really hope you always write Renee. A girl can dream. :)

  3. docpockets

    I finished reading Patriot Acts last week. No spoilers as I speak in generalities, but I have a question concerning a piece of consumer electronics belonging to a mid-level bad guy. This thing was last seen smashing in a nose, and was never seen again. Why? It could have provided intel to the good guys, even with a smashed screen. Was there a line saying it was unusable and I missed it?

  4. admin

    There was a line referring to the piece of electronics in question, but it actually was in a later chapter, and was cut for flow — essentially, the bit referred to how no comprehensive search of the location is made, but how, if there had been, they would have found the item in question, and then discussed its possible use. There was recrimination for being foolish, as well.

    Ultimately, it was a story decision on my part — following the string you refer to would have ultimately led down a blind alley (because I would have made it so), and thus, would have slowed the pace of the book. I wanted to get A&A to Wyoming, then to Wilmington, and so I cut it.

    Very good catch on your part, btw!

  5. admin

    Oh, there are plans. There are plans!

  6. admin

    Absolutely have to give credit where credit is due, here — the idea for the issue was Eric’s entirely, and I can’t thank him enough for posing the question in the first place.

    Delighted you enjoyed the issue!

  7. docpockets

    Fair enough, though you could have had a single line saying a ricochet took out the heart of the device.
    Thanks for taking us on this multi-volume journey with Atticus. Looking forward to the next stage of Tara’s journey.

  8. lithera

    I shall stop by and say hello, as I too shall be at PAX. I figured I couldn’t say no as it is literally down the hill from where I live this year.

  9. anw

    I think I speak for everyone when I say that the people would like to see more Tommy Jagger.

  10. stealthbunny

    My sympathies on the cold. My allergies have reared their nasty head, so I feel sick without the actual sick. Which actually makes no difference, snot is snot. One cat shares my misery — whatever I’m allergic to, she is as well. We sneeze together. How sad is that… The rabbit has no sympathy. He wants to go outdoors where the sun is shining, the breeze is blowing… and the pollen reigns supreme. Evil bunny.

  11. mercuryeric

    Leave it to Trautmann to come up with a plot so vile and skin-crawlingly evil that the Rooks are a reasonable option.

    I try to play to my strengths, yes.


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