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That’s cold

Apparently the high in Manhattan today was 28 degrees. If that’s accurate — and I’m not sure it is — then I’m presuming it’s 28 degrees without wind-chill.

The day, such as I’ve had one, consisted of meeting my Webmaven-slash-Publicist Maggie Griffen at Partners & Crime and buying a bunch of books that I really should’ve already read. This is my secret shame of the last several years — I’ve all-but forgotten how to read for pleasure, and reading ‘in genre,’ for lack of a better phrase, has been excruciatingly difficult. I’ve been working since the first of the year on relearning the art, on attempting to rediscover the joy of reading for the sake of reading, for the pleasure of the story.

The problem is that most of what I read, I can’t stand. Seriously. It’s like the line about the sausages; some things it’s better off not knowing how they make ‘em. Books. Comics. Sausages.

It’s not strictly analogous, I know, which is why I’m working so damn hard to correct it. My Better Half and I have resolved to work on correcting the problem together, which, thus far, has resulted in each of us reading The Forever War by Joe Haldeman so we could each discuss the book after. It’s a tremendous novel, as far as that goes, and I highly recommend it. You can read a review of it if by someone else if you don’t want to take my word for it.

Bought my books, then met my dear friend Alex who I hadn’t seen in two years. Alex and I got back to college days, and since I graduated we’ve each fallen out of contact with the other several times, and each time, when we reconnect, we do so with remarkable ease. He’s a dear friend who somehow always seems to remain on an even keel.

So we wandered in the cold, spent some time in the Village, got coffee and some pastry, then headed back to midtown. Parted company around five so I could get back to the room and work.

Work, in this instance, is Outsiders #47, which I am co-writing with Judd Winick. Judd uses a screen-writing program called Final Draft for his scripting; I use Microsoft Word. Comics do not have a standardized script format. This means that when I get a script from Judd, or when he gets one from me, we each have used a radically different format from the other. This is leading to minor headaches and aggravation and — at least in my case — the need to reformat the entire document each time I receive it.

All that being said, it’s a fun project, because Judd is such a different storyteller than I am; he’s much more bombastic, and much more energetic, I think. Working together is allowing me to make the story bigger in a way that I think I wouldn’t do were I working alone. We’ll see how the final product looks when all’s said and done, but for now, at least, it’s a pleasure to be collaborating.

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