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Teacups Overflowing With Tempest

I have to remember that people actually read this thing. Not seeing you folks, it’s easy to forget that there’s a whole lot of eyes that find these words that I never know about.

Let the record show the following, then:

I am not suffering from health-related issues; I am not leaving comics forever; I am not launching a bloody and prolonged vendetta against those who done me wrong (at least, not yet).

I’m just not exclusive to DC any longer, and my reasons for the decision are many, varied, and in some cases, quite complicated. And in other cases, very, very simple. Are there things that could have transpired to have changed my decision? Absolutely. But — remembering all of your eyes on this — these are things that I don’t feel should, or need to, be aired in a public forum. That is, to me, unprofessional, and despite my many failings at aspiring to be such, I’m still going to make that effort.

It is now the end of 2007. I have been exclusive to DC since, roughly, my daughter was born, in the summer of 2003. That’s four and a half years carrying water for one company alone, to the exclusion of many other projects and opportunities.

There are things I want to do, and I want to be proud of them when they hit the stands. Where I do that work, what that work will be, remains to be seen. But at the end of the day, that’s all that this is about — I want to be in a position to do the work I am passionate about, and to do it well, in the manner I wish to do it.

I want to thank everyone who offered such generous comments; I was sincerely surprised by the amount of attention the announcement brought. The support and kindness is truly appreciated.

Now get back to work. That’s what I’m gonna do.

Well, after I take this quiz:

Which Chow Yun Fat Are You?

30 Responses to Teacups Overflowing With Tempest

  1. sd6

    Let the record show that Brandon Jerwa is “The Killer” Chow Yun-Fat!

    Oh, and, uh, well said, sir.

  2. kali921


    I was somewhat surprised to click through to Newsarama yesterday and see that yesterday’s blog entry was now a headline on the ‘Rama.

    I, for one, am very glad that you’re not exclusive to DC anymore, for a wide variety of reasons that I won’t go into here.

    Now, if Marvel has any sense, they’ll lure you back to write something for them, but with their odd editorial decisions of late, I’d be pleasantly surprised if they had their collective faculties together enough to pull that off.

  3. _tonylee_

    So, we’ll be seeing a new Q & C novel out soon then? :-)

  4. lithera

    You’re one of the writers that kept me reading comics when I was losing hope for the ability of the medium to show me anything that hadn’t been done to death (or resurection in some cases). As long as you keep writing something, somewhere I’m going to be happy. And really, what the hell does it matter how I feel about it as long as /you’re/ happy? If you gave it all up and decided to start building houses for a living, you’d still have interesting things to say.

    I do have a bit of a quandry, though. I’ve caught up on Queen and Country. I don’t know what I’m going to ask you to sign when I next see you as it has always been Q&C so far.

    I’ll come up with something, I’m sure.

  5. sleeplessplanet

    and vol. 2 of the q & c comics will come out next year and not 2009 as originally planned? and everest will begin as well, yes? :D

  6. lancescott

    Someone even wrote me to ask if you were leaving DC. I believe the answer was, “How the fuck should I know? Did you even read what he said? And why the fuck should I tell you if I did know?”

    On the lighter side, cooool…

    Which Chow Yun Fat Are You?

    You are Li Mu Bai, itinerant Giang Hu swordsman from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. You have a reputation for efficiency and talent, but you don’t like to boast about it. You’re always looking for something deeper. Romance is difficult, as you frequently repress your true feelings. Also, you can fly.
    Take this quiz!

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  7. spooky_lemur

    I just wanted to leave a note that I just got through reading Q&C: Stormfront and loved it. I definitely will be getting the other trades. I also look forward to reading more of your writing.

    Personally I’m not a DC guy so I like the idea of you not being exclusive so I can read more of your stuff. = ]

  8. jeffrey

    There are millions of stories to write, and if you can do for other characters (especially your own) what you did for Wonder Woman, it’s good that you’re doing what you need to. Your readers will follow.

    Just watch where you go, because if you get me reading Marvel again I may never forgive myself. :)

  9. hdefined

    Does this mean you’re giving up comics forever because you hate them and everyone in the industry?!?!?!?

    . . .

    Just kidding. I wanted to get in on the misinterpretation express too.

  10. adgy

    Seeing as how Chow Yun Fat is the coolest person to have ever lived, that is the coolest quiz ever made.

    Thanks for pointing it out.

  11. aylara

    Huh. I didn’t think anything serious was really going on from your blog posts, but then again I kinda forget that 1) you’re semi-famous and 2) people overreact to, oh, just about EVERYTHING.

    You do have that friends-locked doohicky too, if you want to say stuff that’s not so public, and you can make little special groups too.

    I have more than one blog now, which is sad, but I can’t shut up and I have to put all the words SOMEWHERE. Although I almost never post the really horrible angry diatribes I write when I’m so pissed off about something it disturbs my sleep.

    I think better on paper/computer screen. Writing it all out keeps the tempest in my head from consuming me.

  12. odessasteps

    On the down side, I hope this doesn’t effect CHECKMATE, one of my favorite DC books.

    On the up side, if this means we might finally get to see EVEREST, then it’s a great move.

  13. alryssa

    Well, that shows how much I know about what’s going on in the comic world (i.e. nothing.) :)

    Four and a half years is a long time in comics. I don’t see why you *shouldn’t* go out there and pick up the projects you want to do, that you’re passionate about. Good luck to you, wherever you go, and in whatever you do!

  14. skalja

    Thank you for that dose of sanity.

    So which Chow Yun-Fat are you, then?

  15. jonlaw

    God of Gamblers

    So it says I’m Ko Chun.

    I wasn’t concerned, as you imagine, but I am glad you have made your choice to let you do some more projects that speak to your heart and passion for creativity.

    I can’t wait. Be well.

  16. zachary_cole

    Well, now I should catch up…

    …on CHECKMATE. I’ve read your NO MAN’S LAND novelization, right up there with brilliant KNIGHTFALL novelizatiion by Dennis O’Neil. I nabbed a hardback from the local library for $1 and treasured every chapter. Same with your go at the entire Bat-clan. I handed it off to my gal pal, and she remarked that the warring gangs had a lot in common with the current international clmate. She’s smarter than I.

  17. fluidbeauty

    Greg, I’ve always admired your conviction. Best of luck on whatever you donext and know that I’ll be one of the people reading it.

  18. admin

    Re: Thank you for that dose of sanity.

    Which Chow Yun Fat Are You?

    You are Li Mu Bai, itinerant Giang Hu swordsman from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. You have a reputation for efficiency and talent, but you don’t like to boast about it. You’re always looking for something deeper. Romance is difficult, as you frequently repress your true feelings. Also, you can fly.
    Take this quiz!

    Quizilla |

    | Make A Quiz | More Quizzes | Grab Code

  19. admin

    You were surprised? I was dumbfounded.

    I shouldn’t have been, I suppose, but it didn’t — and still doesn’t, frankly — seem to me to be deserving of that much attention. Slow news week in the comics biz, I suppose.

  20. admin

    2009 or 2010, depending. There’s a couple other long-form things I want to hit first, then Q&C.

  21. admin

    Crime Bible‘s good (he said, shamelessly plugging his latest work). :D

  22. admin

    Thanks! Glad you liked the Q&C!

  23. admin

    Ah, yes, here’s your seat…right between the “hates everyone” and “good riddance” sections. Will you be purchasing a meal?

  24. admin

    Up until three months ago, I’d have put him neck and neck with this guy.

    Now it’s a three-way tie between Chow, Sean, and Makoto Nagano.

  25. lithera


    Yes, yes. When I get to the comic shop that will be waiting for me there. I actually have something of an idea for a ‘sketchbook’ for writers that I might get around to implementing. And there is a lot of Gotham Central I don’t own.

    There are certainly options. *grins*

  26. kali921

    Greeeeg! Also, CB #2.

    Greeeeeg, man, don’t you get it? You’re big. You’re Big in Japan™ big. A mover, a shaker, an influencer, a benchmark (at least, ’round my house you are), a paragon, an avatar, and probably not entirely of the mortal plane.

    I know perfectly well that you know this already, but it’s still fun to type out.

    (And…I feel like a terrible person for saying this, but I loved all the comments to that Newsarama article about you immediately chiming in with “that’ll teach you to be ASININE, DC! Oooooh, Didio, you done it now!”)

    I really, really liked Crime Bible #2! In fact, I mean to do a whole blog post on it. But I’ve been meaning to tell you for weeks that when I first opened up CB #1 and saw Shard, I was happy to see a bald chick in a comic that wasn’t Moondragon (don’t get me wrong, I love Moondragon, but she’s the only one with no hair). There are simply not enough bald chicks in 21st century comics, I feel, and I’m glad you’re holding down the bald chick representation for DC, man. I just…wanted to say that.

  27. kali921

    Sharpe! Okay, okay, I admit it, I am a period slut. If I see a powdered wig, anything remotely resembling 18th century drag, or anything that remotely smacks of Napoleonic or Regency era Europe, I am all over it. Seriously. Especially if it’s French. (I’ve watched Danton at least seventeen times.) I’ve been the biggest Sharpe fangirl since the very first episode of the first series. That man just epitomizes steely-eyed resourcefulness and swashbuckling coupled with smokin’ good looks.

    Also, Patrick Harper is totally awesome! Swearing in Gaelic never sounded so good.

  28. neochristsavant

    Sounds great. I hope you do more espionage comics. What kind of research do you do for, say , queen and country?
    I’m going to add you, add me back if ya’ want.

  29. doop

    If you already answered this or don’t want to answer it, I’m sorry, but will you still be doing DC work even though you won’t be exclusive with them anymore?

  30. admin

    I have already answered this several times, and in several places. Just because I’m ending my exclusive does not mean I am ending my relationship with DC — I love the DC characters, and I want to continue working there. Ending the exclusive simply means that I have the liberty of pursuing other projects at other companies on my own terms — something the exclusive expressly excluded.

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