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Talk About Commitment

I mean, really. Talk about putting your back into your work.

23 Responses to Talk About Commitment

  1. sd6

    Clearly, it was stolen by deconstructionists.

  2. pikabot

    …wow. I don’t often say this about criminals but wow, they deserve to get away with that one.

  3. lithera



  4. snoristed

    Wow, when people who know me say I have no criminal mind, they’re not kidding. It would never in a million years have occurred to me to do this…

  5. cwweir

    That’s just… bizarre. And yet excellent all at the same time.

  6. steverolston

    That reminds me of the Jamaican beach that was stolen in July.

  7. dewline


  8. jeffrey

    From patty melts to churches, your life of crime begins!

  9. kali921

    Now with 100% more relevant icon!

    SOMEONE STOLE THE CHURCH OF KOMAROVO?! That’s an extremely historically significant church. Wow, that’s tragic, and I’m sort of astonished that NO ONE NOTICED.

    Betchoo fifty dollahs that it shows up in some billionaire’s back lot as black market art!

  10. parakkum

    That’s what I was thinking of as well.

  11. sweetdragon

    In related news, Interpol has issued a warrant for the arrest of Carmen Sandiego.

  12. admin

    Now all they have to do is find her….

  13. bluebeetlev3

    Damn, beat me to it.

  14. mercuryeric

    …so, somewhere there is a fence who specializes in churches.

    ::scribbles furiously in notebook::

    Yup. That’s a keeper.


  15. jjgalahad

    No easy task. I understand they’ve had sightings of Miss Sandiego in places as diverse as Kiev and South Carolina. Additionally, her list of ruthless, underground associates is fairly massive.

    Now, I’m no Interpol Agent, but I feel the only way to run this Op successfully would be to appoint a grizzled Chief of Operations and assign her at least three young, eager agents to investigate. I’d also insist on a well-organized five-man communication team at home base to keep everything moving along.

  16. cwweir

    Last I heard she ransacked Pakistan and ran a scam in Sacandinavia.

  17. jonlaw

    Unclear whether the failure to notice the loss/dismantling of the church between July and October was neglect, complacency or an inside job.

    I doubt the whole church is ever going to be seen again. Likely there is one market for the historic trappings of the church, the icons and any other religious paraphernalia. That’s a high level market. Then, there are just the building materials. Now, some might go to a kind of mid level market of “vintage” construction materials, but just as likely that the materials go into the low level resale market like the wave of scrap metal thefts that had people pulling copper wiring out of foreclosed homes and stealing bronze dedications off of gravestones and community monuments in the last years.

    That church and all its history is gone. Destroyed for greed and the world will never get it back.

    Likely, you never catch the perpetrators, and it will only be luck or extreme dedication that recovers any of the artifacts.

    As goofy as the story sounds, it is a sad loss to world cultural patrimony, and it tells us something about the law and order situation in Russia.

    Interesting, sad story.

  18. admin

    I don’t think anyone was diminishing the crime.

    It is, however, bizarre, and funny, and, in its absurdity, reveals yet another thing terribly, terribly wrong in this world.

  19. admin

    Definitely agree. And all agents should be outfitted in gaudy uniforms for easy sighting by Miss Sandiego and her accomplices; we wouldn’t want to make things too hard for her, after all.

  20. admin

    Re: Now with 100% more relevant icon!

    You’re astonished no one noticed?

    As opposed to being astonished that it took so long for someone who had not been paid not to notice noticed?

  21. jjgalahad

    It’s only sporting, given that Miss Sandiego never seems to change out of those bright red hat and coat ensembles. If only other international thieves and extortionists shared her sense of couture and fair play.

  22. snoristed

    Actually, come to think of it, this reminds me a lot of the Amber Room ( It’s a real tragedy (along with oh so many other bigger ones that happened at right about that time). Maybe the evil millionaire who has it set up in his chateau will invite me over for a meal in the Amber Room someday…

  23. jesterjoker

    Wow, that is surreal.

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