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Stupid Question #1,897

This is going to sound stupid, I know, but…

Can you get duct tape (ie, the cloth-backed ultra adhesive, silver, use-for-anything tape) in Europe? Specifically, can you get it in the Netherlands? And if so, is it called duct tape, or does it go under another name?

11 Responses to Stupid Question #1,897

  1. youri_zoutman

    Being Dutch, I should know this. But I normally shop for super geeky stuff.

    I think it’s the same, Duct Tape or Power Tape.

  2. youri_zoutman

    Or Duck Tape…

  3. omniguy

    It’s definitely available in the Netherlands… lived there for a long time and I know I bought some for unorthoxdox physics experiments. Not sure what it would be called though, I imagine the same.

  4. admin

    Excellent; thank you so much for the help!

  5. admin

    Great — this is what I was hoping for. Thanks!

  6. jonlaw

    And I have to wonder just what devious use Dutch duck tape is about to be put by Mr. Rucka (or likely Mr. Kodiak or perhaps Ms. Chace).

    Gotta see where the crumb trail leads . . .

  7. oilyrags

    What’s has a dark side and a light side and holds the universe together?

  8. admin

    That would be telling.

  9. sionheaney

    It is called duct tape in Holland and, as far as I know, throughout Europe. I know for a fact that is what it was called when I lived in the UK. If this helps clear any doubt; a Netherlands Wiki on Duct Tape

  10. ofcatsandwomen

    I’m Swedish and we call it “silver tape.” I don’t know if most store owners here would even know what “duct tape” (in English) was, even though people here speak pretty good English. But if the Dutch people here say it’s “duct tape” in Dutch, then I’m sure they’re 100% correct. :)

  11. brianjsg

    In the UK it’s called Gaffer Tape. Duck tape is just one brand of it.

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