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Stumptown praised in 2010 wrap-ups

Art by Matthew Southworth

Douglas Wolk at Time Magazine’s Techland ranks Stumptown among the top ten comics of the year, calling Stumptown a:

…Terrific piece of serial pulp, with a nicely rendered setting and an indelible lead character in Dexedrine “Dex” Parios….

…And Multiversity Comics has named Stumptown their third most overlooked title of the year:

Stumptown takes two things that we expect Greg Rucka to handle well — a strong female lead and a crime-based story — and does exactly that, set to beautiful artwork by Matthew Southworth.

The collected first volume of Stumptown ships from Oni Press on March 29, 2011.

2 Responses to Stumptown praised in 2010 wrap-ups

  1. Steven Wilcox

    And much deserved praise! This is one of those books that is constantly dragged back out and re-read…

  2. Ferzhita

    Totally agree with Steven. As much as I love a lot of books, Stumptown is my favorite. Rucka´s writing is really inteligent and interesting, plus, Southworth art has a unique style wich let us enjoy the reading. As usuall with Rucka, this book definetely it´s a model not only of how female characters should be handled in comic books, but also how crime stories must be done

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