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Story Seed (espionage flavor!)

Off the BBC feed.

There’s a lot you can springboard off of this one. Especially tying it to the abduction of Tariq Azizuddin.

As you were.

2 Responses to Story Seed (espionage flavor!)

  1. jared465

    Wow. I had heard about Azizuddin thru NPR, but i guess the missing nuclear staff didn’t make the cut(or more likely i just missed it). The article was vague about what exactly these technicians did, but depending their skillsets or value as hostages, the possible outcomes of that event is could certianly be very scary indeed.

  2. stolenfuton

    Both of these stories give me that feeling of impending doom.

    Maybe now wouldn’t be such a bad time to leave the States. Or perhaps just stay away from large, metropolitan areas. Where is a fallout shelter when you need one?

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