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Starting the Day with some White Hot Hate

It’s not news to say that Ann Coulter is a vile piece of work.

It’s good to laugh. Or, at the least, smirk.

11 Responses to Starting the Day with some White Hot Hate

  1. davidwynne

    Only sad thing is, the dead-eyed fascist psychopath would probably take those lyrics at face value.

    Still, that was a good way to start the day.

  2. supergodginrai

    Anne Coulter, or as we call her at work Skeletor, is INSANE!
    The song, well, I couldn’t sit through the whole thing… not enough electric guitar ;)

  3. kali921



    (Also, I find it adorable that you embed YouTube clips on your journal. It’s so…bloggish of you.)

    So…YouTube war? *goes to find relevant clips*

  4. kali921

    “Dead-eyed fascist psychopath” might be the best four-word description of Ann Coulter ever.

    Thank you. I spent a few minutes trying to think of something to top it, and couldn’t.

  5. lithera


    It made me laugh and then is just sort of made me sad. Ann Coulter makes me sad and disgusted.

    Even when she’s funny.

  6. admin

    Oh, good Lord, no. I came across the clip researching, of all things, child slavery in Dubai/the UAE. Wonderful how the internets work, innit?

  7. jjgalahad

    That was wonderful. I loved this even more than Henry Rollins’ Love Letter to her.

  8. kali921

    Coincidentally enough….

    I actually have a large, large amount of links bookmarked on the issue of child enslavement in Africa and other developing countries, if you’d like them. If you e-mail me at, I can send you a batch of links that you may or may not have come across. :-)

  9. mercuryeric

    …there’s a story in that alone. Hellblazer, probably. “Internet Augury”, which would explain why researching blatant evil led you to stuff about that skeletal Republican mouthwhore.


  10. nealbailey

    As I recall:

    As opposed to perfecting the Jews. But you can’t stay too mad at her. It’s obvious her fact-checkers are those Shakespeare monkeys. They’ll get it someday.

    She has special words for wonderful atheists like me, too:

    Although God believers don’t need evolution to be false, atheists need evolution to be true. William Provine, an evolutionary biologist at Cornell University, calls Darwinism the greatest engine of atheism devised by man. His fellow Darwin disciple, Oxford zoologist Richard Dawkins, famously said, “Darwin made it possible to be an intellectually fulfilled atheist.”1 This is why there is a mass panic on the left whenever someone mentions the vast and accumulating evidence against evolution.

    Or, you know, you can just take my line, which is that “Nobody really knows, but it’s not Santa with morals, neithuh, cracka!” (said in my best Hilltop Crip voice.)

    But regardless, were someone to start calling conservatives the things she calls anyone “odd” on a daily basis, you can bet your bippy ass that Fox News would have an organized boycott in ten minutes. Hell, they stopped the “pumpkin tax” in five minutes.

    But hey, if it’s vitriol and bile in THEIR direction (per Dog the Bounty Hunter or Imus) they’ll bring the person onto their programs, get them set up with a new show, and… hey, yeah, I can talk about this all day, but Ann’s a bitch.

  11. davidwynne

    You’re welcome. Calls ‘em as I sees ‘em.

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