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Some Things You Gotta Share

The freeze continues here in town. Kids went to school today, which was good for them and better for me, and then, bedtime, 8pm, the automated phone system from PPS calls to inform us that all schools in the Portland Public School system will be closed tomorrow.

The kids actually seem more perturbed by this than either Jen or I. Go figure.

Philip Tan has been outstanding throughout Final Crisis: Revelations, just thoroughly professional, a delight to work with, incredibly talented and, to top it all off, just plain ‘ol nice. But I’ve got to give some props to Jonathan Glapion, who’s been inking Philip — these two together are creating some gorgeous work. Case in point, this little beauty, that rolled into my inbox late this afternoon.

Wish I had a bigger version of the page to share. If one comes, I’ll update this post to reflect the change.

15 Responses to Some Things You Gotta Share

  1. darkphoenixrisn

    That’s beautiful.

  2. sd6

    That is the exact opposite of terrible.

  3. lithera

    That’s lovely.

  4. tranceptor

    That looks awesome. Can’t get enough of Ms. Montoya’s Question.

  5. futuredirt

    Please tell me that DC has some big projects lined up and waiting for these guys. Their work is amazing and deserves to see as much print as humanly possible.

  6. midusunknown

    I love tan’s pencils, and have for all the projects I’ve seen him on…but damn that is some fine inking. I love the lighting he’s set up with it, the shading is just perfect.

  7. uzumerid

    I think they’re doing the Agent Orange arc in Green Lantern, which is a pretty big deal.

  8. thatnickguy

    Every time I think Montoya couldn’t look any more badass, I find myself corrected. Outstanding.

  9. abc_evie

    Wow. I almost hope that doesn’t get colored.

  10. kali921

    That is absolutely gorgeous. I love how Helena looks – her purposeful stance, the inks, everything. I agree with the commenter above who said that this shouldn’t be colored – the chiaroscuro effect is striking.

  11. electricvinyl

    A Question question…

    This looks awesome Greg. I did have a question for you though, from last weeks issue. It’s just Helena seems… unperturbed that there is a new Question, and to my knowledge this is the first time they have met since Renee took on the persona. When I saw the preview on Newsarama I thought for sure this would be brought up, yet it wasn’t. Does Helena already know Vic died?

  12. the_fallen_

    I’ve been loving Revelations Greg and honestly think it goes without saying that you guys should get a lot of credit for being on of the only mini’s to stay on time. The book has been amazing, the scene with the anti-life equation last issue was really powerful. Can’t wait to see how you end things.

    I know your a busy guy by the way but if you ever have the time my email is and would absolutely love to interview you over your work especially the stuff coming up. ;p

    Oh and you guys weren’t effected by the power loss? Wish I could say the same. I’m in Holden and we lost power completely, staying elsewhere till the power company can fix things.

  13. admin

    Re: A Question question…

    Yeah, that’s a scene that’s yet to be played — given the constraints of everything happening in FCR, I figured that Helena simply back-burnered her questions for the time being.

    Helena and Renee will have a discussion of Vic; it just won’t occur in the pages of FCR.

  14. admin

    We’ve been lucky with regards to the weather, at least where power has been concerned. Nothing has collapsed yet, though I wouldn’t be surprised if we lose power closer to the weekend, based on what I’m seeing on the forecast.

    Stay warm!

  15. electricvinyl

    Re: A Question question…

    Awesome! Yeah, after reading the issue I figured there was just a bit to much end of the world stuff going on for Helena to say “Hold it a min, where is Charlie? And who the hell are you?”

    Thanks for answering my question Greg! Can’t wait till issue 5!

    Stay warm!

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