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Some Days You Get the Bear

I am on Day-I-Don’t-Know-What of fighting with a Checkmate script.

Pages are coming out like frozen glue from an Elmer’s bottle right now. Everything I’m seeing in my mind’s eye is failing to execute on the page.

It’s gotten to the point where I’m now trying to analyze why this one is giving me such grief. Sometimes, when things go sour on the page, it’s because of a mistake previously made, some misstep in plotting or storytelling, something I’ve neglected or forgotten, or a wrong turn the story made.

That’s not the problem here (at least, I don’t think it’s the problem here). I know what I need to do, and the reasoning is solid, the story is solid, it’s all there. The problem, I suspect, is in conveying the necessary information to the page — it’s the first part of a fairly complex story, and the pieces have to be placed properly here for everything to work later.

Yeah, I know…whine whine whine.

The thing that makes this all the more frustrating is that I’ve just come off of a script that was a pure joy to write.

Insult to injury.

Back to the grind….

21 Responses to Some Days You Get the Bear

  1. mightygodking

    I am on Day-I-Don’t-Know-What of fighting with a Checkmate script.


    This method is guaranteed to improve any comic you or anybody else writes by approximately seven hundred percent.

  2. dculver

    good luck with it.

    I hate having those days where what I draw doesn’t match the totally awesome drawing in my mind because it’s grind grind grind.

  3. admin

    I would do that, but Geoff beat me to it in Booster Gold!

  4. sweetdragon

    Dude, if you’re being serious, I’m buying eleventy million copies of that book.

  5. lithera


    Not that I wasn’t planning on buying at least one anyway….

  6. mightygodking

    You say this like doing it again makes it less awesome.

    But fine. Fine. Be that way.


    Not quite as good as the muscle car, I will admit, but sometimes you gots to improvise. If jet-skis have already been used in an upcoming Birds of Prey issue or something, you may substitute for rocket-luges.

  7. lithera

    Improvised rocket luges that are really longboard skateboards with sparklers duct taped on?

    Apparently my imagination doesn’t have a very big budget this evening.

  8. jjgalahad

    If it makes you feel any better, you’re making me feel better about my irritating writer’s block. Best of luck. I’m sure you’ll kick it’s ass soon.

  9. _tonylee_

    On page seven, insert Dungeon Master to spout exposition for a page. Get all that nasty plot out of the way and then concentrate on the more important things – ie robot jetpack ninjas attacking Mr Terrific…

  10. benchilada

    If it’s any consolation–and I know that it isn’t–my creative ass has a giant rock jammed up it, stopping the flow.

  11. anw

    I recommend having Tommy Jagger do something awesome.

  12. stealthbunny

    Any chance you can put it aside and work on something else for a day or two to give yourself a break, or are you on too tight a schedule? I know if I just look away from it a bit, when I come back it’s like I can finally see that tree in all the forest. … although granted, sometimes it’s also even harder to come back at all…

  13. davesbu

    law of averages, I’d say. It applies to everything.

  14. incogvito

    yeah, i have no real suggestion for you, Greg. Maybe run it by Jen? She’s a great storyteller too.

    rest assured, it’ll come. Take a breather, maybe work on Crime Bible and then you’ll see it.

    (I’m terrible at this shit)

  15. kozemp

    My admittedly-stupid way to combat writer’s block is to watch or read something that is so good it makes me ashamed to even think of myself as a writer. The “I’ll never write anything as good as THAT” feeling always gets me motivated to do something that, even if it never is as good as THAT, is better than what I had been producing.

    For what it’s worth, the two things that are most guaranteed to generate that feeling (in my experience) are Tim O’Brien or a really good Farscape.


  16. tsob

    BOGGLE? :o

    oh, wait, you mean the other one…

  17. supergodginrai

    interesting… very interesting.

  18. diesira

    Man, and all I was going to suggest was frame after frame of Waller and King Faraday playing strip poker.

  19. mercuryeric

    Obviously, the answer to all Checkmate script problems is: MORE G.I. ROBOT.




  20. editor_lass


    Everything’s better with monkeys.

    Also, no strip poker. Unless it involves Sasha, Michael, Bea, and Tommy. Then it’s required.

  21. hero_writer

    Possible block breaker:

    I think I have mentioned (like my SN doesn’t give it away) that I want to write for a living. One trick that often gets me past a block is to jump ahead — write the part after the part that’s troubling me. Then writing TO that part becomes easier.

    Of course, I’ve never written a comic script (and I’ve largely given up reading comics in the last year or so) so I can’t comment on the specifics of the problem you’re facing — but jumping ahead *might* work . . . .

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