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Soggy Stage Two

Thanks to everyone who offered advice, sympathy, and encouragement. And for you bastards out there who gave up with derisive laughter, yeah, I’m coming for you.

Today’s better, not because I have an office back — I don’t — but because it’s not yesterday. The water’s been cleaned up, the plumbing problem has been addressed for the time being, and the basement does not smell like fecal matter. So all in all, I guess, nothing to complain about.

So back to work today, making myself feel cold and iceblind while working Whiteout III, which, after consultation with Steve, may undergo a subtitle change before publication. I’m still debating with myself, but we met on Tuesday to talk about the project and what I was writing and going to write, and, as he so often does, he tossed out a great idea that was so good, in fact, I found myself playing with a whole new thematic element.

I get asked, quite frequently, what the biggest differences are between writing novels and writing comics. I’ve answered the question so often at this point, it’s almost rote. In a nutshell, it’s the level of collaboration that makes the biggest difference, and working with Steve is a terrific example of that. I can tell him what I’m thinking of doing, the ideas I’m toying with, and simply by the nature of the project, he’ll hear those ideas in a visual way, and in turn, inspire me so that I go back to the keyboard with better ideas, better ways of accomplishing the story we’re trying to tell. That’s just not something I get with the novels; the novels live in a world of one, but the comics, they live, minimum, in a world of two. Sometimes that can go horribly wrong, if you’re not on the same page as the person you’re working with.

But when it goes right? When it goes right, you create something that is more than the sum of its parts, and that is truly exciting, and can be incredibly inspiring.

Second part of my ongoing interview with Eric Newsom has gone up on This one has preview art! We were scheduled for part-I-Don’t-Know last night, but I was just too bushed after the day to actually manage it. We’re rescheduling for this weekend.

And as far as Crime Bible goes, Mister Newsom also forwarded me this link, and I have to say, I agree with the sentiment behidn the post. Something to consider, at least.

19 Responses to Soggy Stage Two

  1. thatnickguy

    Day or two behind, but I wanted to throw some luck your way in getting an unsoggy basement, as well. First time posting a comment on your blog, so be gentle. Long time reader of both your comics and novels.

    I do have a somewhat off-topic question regarding Checkmate:

    It’s been established (maybe earlier than Infinite Crisis, I’m not sure) that Mr. Terrific is undetectable by machines/technology.

    With that in mind, wouldn’t The Thinker have trouble working with him? I think it might be a neat idea to explore in the book at some point.

  2. indigi

    Crime Bible

    I just wanted to say I’m really looking forward to Crime Bible, because Montoya is a great character (at least when she isn’t showing up randomly in Countdown, acting like a bad detective with pantyhose over her head), and if anyone can give Batwoman a fighter’s chance to become a complex and interesting hero, it’s you.

    I wish all the follow-ups from 52 (Crime Bible, Booster, Four Horsemen, and Infinity Inc) didn’t take so long to get out, because they’re the only new mini/series DC is publishing that I can get excited about. I’m not a big fan of Countdown. On that note, where’s my Ghost Detectives monthly?

  3. admin

    Love the picture, btw.

    Thinker’s interface when interacting with Holt and just about everyone else is via the specially programmed T-Sphere that you see (or should see) whenever Thinker’s about; it’s how his “avatar” is projected, and Holt tweaked it to allow them to interact, for obvious reasons.

    It’s actually one of the safeguards on Thinker — he can’t locate Holt without it, and consequently, Holt can kill-switch it should the need arise.

    Hope that answers.

  4. admin

    Re: Crime Bible

    Toph rules!!!

    Yeah, the 52 minis should have been much quicker out of the gate, but most of us were so wasted by the time all was said and done, we could barely lift the metaphorical pen.

    As for Ghost Detectives, I’m waiting for that one, too.

  5. stealthbunny

    By the way, I think I mentioned in a comment an entry or five ago, that I was behind in the Atticus books, but I had them on order to arrive soon?

    They came … oh, about a week and a half ago. And I haven’t gotten to bed at a decent time since then, and I’m putting the blame entirely on you, dammit!

    … the fact that I really shouldn’t pick up said books before going to bed is beside the point. Really. That’s my story, and I’m stickin’ to it!

  6. thatnickguy

    Heh. Everyone loves the icon. :)

    And you know what? Either you came up with that on the fly or had already considered that when adding The Thinker to the roster. Either way, color me impressed and content with the answer.

  7. thatnickguy

    Hear, hear! The Kodiak books are fantastic. I read most of them a few years ago, though I haven’t checked out the latest yet (has that been released?).

    I think the thing that hooks me on the books and makes me want to keep reading (much like yourself) is nearly every chapter ends with an insane cliffhanger that makes you go “Wait…what?!” I can’t think of a specific example, but something like: “…and then the bomb went off.” Wait, what?! What bomb!? DAMNIT!

    It’s kind of like an episode of 24, which I consider a high compliment!

  8. thatnickguy

    Incidentally, I actually forgot that Thinker was coming out of one of the T-spheres. As the kids on the street say, “My bad”. =D

  9. brother_d73

    You know, if you need a place to work while your office dries out, I can make some room at my dining room table . . . ! I’ll try to put all the dice and comics away to keep you from getting too distracted . . . !

    Seriously, though, here’s to hoping that your work space returns to normal soon. My wife and I just re-did what we call “The Nook,” which is one half of a “walk-through” closet that we’ve set up with my computer and all so that I have a dedicated space to write. It’s been helpful, but after reading your latest LJ entries, I’m starting to worry . . . the “walk-through” closet connects a bedroom to a bathroom . . .

  10. enewsom

    Thanks for consenting to and spending your valuable time with the interviews! I’m enjoying them, and learning quite a bit. I hope everyone else is enjoying them too (and also planning on buying Crime Bible!).

  11. jjgalahad

    Thanks very much for the interviews and the insights into the comic book creation process. And I hope your basement gets fully repaired and clean again soon!

    That link’s very good to read. I’m glad to hear people are mobilizing to support Crime Bible. Also, were I actually a member of Yahoo3whatsis, I’d have replied to his comments about the Indigo Girls versus the Daughters of Lilith by saying “The less they seek their source from some divinity, the closer they are to fine.” :D

  12. admin

    Be afraid.

    Be very afraid.

    The rains have come.

  13. admin

    Heh. See, sometimes — sometimes, mind! — I actually do remember things like that before putting pen to paper.

  14. admin

    I accept your blame with all the frustrated agonized love intended.

    Really glad you’re liking the books. Some of them, if I may so myself, came out pretty well.

  15. stealthbunny

    Yep, that’s pretty much it. I know the end of the chapter is coming up, I’m thinking I gotta get some sleep and ….WHAT BOMB???!!!! Aw, hell….

  16. stealthbunny

    “frustrated agonized love”… heh! I like that!

    Years ago, a good friend of mine once read a piece of fanfic I wrote. Came in afterwards and punched my shoulder. Hard. Said, “You made me cry, you BITCH!” Then hugged me and dove for her sketch book and spent the next several months illustrating it for me.

    You’re too far away to punch.

  17. kali921

    Yay for things being on the upswing, in terms of domicile, dank, and dirty!

    I enjoyed that Mad Thinker Scott blog entry, although I’m not sure that if, on the slim chance that I wind up not being utterly engaged by Crime Bible and don’t shell out for issues #3-5, that this comprises a slap in the face for support of gay characters. But I applaud his passion regarding the issue!

    Here, have some music to celebrate! That’s the divine Babylon System from the UK, doing their new single “Loaded,” put out by the even more divine Argon Records. I’d describe it, but the staff at does a better job: “a gargantuan roller that revolves around a skanking riff and a metallic, heavily filtered bassline that’s quite deranged and quite brilliant.” Taking Your Money Since 2000. My favorite online music store, hands down.

  18. stealthbunny

    And just to top all that, I just burnt my dinner, because I thought… three minutes… it has to boil for three minutes, and there’s Critical Mass just SITTING there… it’s only THREE MINUTES… the timer will beep.

    Then when the timer beeped, it was only ’til the end of the page…

    Next thing I know, I’m scraping crispened rice noodle ramen off the edges of the pot.

  19. stealthbunny

    Erk — I mean Critical Space. Yeesh, I’m running a dozen mental directions at once and I can’t even remember the name of the book I’m reading, even when I can’t put it down long enough to save my dinner.

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