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So, Here’s a Question…

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Check out some Cully Hamner pages!

12 Responses to So, Here’s a Question…

  1. captain_slinky

    I gotta admit… that Hamner artwork is like it was MADE for your writing. Like, when i read your books? I see it in my mind as Cully Hamner pages.

  2. benchilada

    The Question being up there as one of my fave characters of all…time I…


  3. devilman145

    I’m really excited for the feature. While the minis have been great, I always thought that Renee deserved an ongoing after 52 compared to Booster Gold. Can’t wait!

  4. lithera

    You and me both, either one.

  5. electricvinyl

    Can.. not… wait…
    Must… have.. now… please…

  6. lord_ruthven


    Seriously, the wait for this will seem like forever – I want it now!

  7. the_fallen_

    What else could you throw in to detective that would make me name it book of the week first issue?

    Hmm I don’t even know. :)

  8. steelmagnolia88

    That artwork is fantastic….

    Detective is so becoming my favorite comic once June arrives. Here’s hoping you get to have a long run on it!

  9. strange_cube

    That looks gorgeous. I’m interested to see how it’ll look with colors. I almost wish it was just black & white…

    I think I’ll have to chime in along with everyone else here: I’ve been looking forward to this series (in one hypothetical form or another) since 52. I’m delighted that it looks like y’all are delivering even more awesome than I would’ve hoped.

  10. ruckafan


    All these great previews. I am not sure if it will help me thru the wait or if it is making the wait harder (but please continue).

  11. jared465

    Man, i don’t know what all the hubbub is about. it think she looks cool as hell.

  12. dewline

    Now you’ve got me wanting to read a Renee/Booster team-up story.

    What are you looking at me like that for? Booster’s a good Gotham boy!

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