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Signing at the Seattle Mystery Bookshop, Seattle!

Today, Saturday, 9 May, I’ll be at the lovely little Seattle Mystery Bookshop at noon, for a Walking Dead signing. It’s a great little store, and the events here – at least my events here – tend to be very casual affairs. If you’re in the area on this blessedly not-raining day, please stop by!

7 Responses to Signing at the Seattle Mystery Bookshop, Seattle!

  1. jeditigger

    Again I do the pouty face.

    I know, I know, talk to your publisher about you coming east.

    Much good luck on the novel. You’re such a bloody good writer AND a nice guy to boot.

  2. grocible

    No rain – beautiful sunshine in fact! See you there!

  3. lithera

    I will be there!

    I’m looking at potential houses this morning, so I might be a bit late.

  4. mercuryeric

    Hope it went well; sorry we missed you on the return swing.


  5. stealthbunny

    Ah HA! You sent your rain HERE!

  6. pullthestars

    Hey, this is Kris, ‘s roommate. It was great meeting you in Seattle (again), and I so far have made it through Keeper and A Fistful of Rain.

    Both of which I loved, and I am looking forward to getting the rest of the Atticus books. And maybe everything else!

    Thanks :)

  7. cjeffries

    Thank you

    Greg – I wanted to send a heartfelt thank you for your kindness and generosity in the SMB during your signing. Though I’m sure my embarrassing behavior was memorable, in case you don’t recall, I was the redhead that after shaking your hand, all but jumped up and down like a 12-year old girl at a Jonas Brother’s concert. Your kind gesture was obviously unexpected and unnecessary, and I must say was a total delight. Not that I needed any additional reason to be a fan of yours – but if possible, your actions made me a bigger one.

    I’m not sure if you make it back down to the Bay Area often on non-business related trips, and I’m not sure if you’re a sports fan of any kind, but I do work for one of the professional sports teams down here – and it would be my pleasure to return the kindness to you and your family and treat you to a game (if appropriate – I realize and respect that you may not want or are unable to accept a gift like that).

    One last thing – in all of my excitement, I honestly cannot remember if I told you how much I enjoy your writing. While I’m certain you probably assumed I liked your stories and characters because of my conduct, I did want to be sure to send a real compliment. Atticus and Alena are fabulous, my heart broke when Natalie was killed, Bridie is the kickass, viciously loyal friend we all look for (or strive to be), and I hope we get to hear the rest of Erica’s story someday.

    Thank you again for great writing, entertaining stories, and for being a truly stand-up and accessible author. Best wishes.

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