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Signing at Powell’s Books, Cedar Hills Crossing

Another signing is tonight, the 7th of May, at Powell’s Books in Beaverton, Oregon. The fun starts at 7pm with my relaxed raconteur-like stylings and my overly long-winded and possibly entertaining answers to questions of all sorts and sizes. The Powell’s at Cedar Hills is a lovely store, and one of my favorites to visit — for those of you who couldn’t make last night’s event at Murder by the Book, here’s another chance.

And speaking of last night, I really want to thank everyone who attended — I don’t think I’ve ever packed that store before, and from where I was sitting, it looked like that’s just what happened. I had a wonderful time, and it was great to meet (and in many cases re-meet) so many folks. Aaron, Jamie, John – thanks so much for coming! You made my night! And (I’m hoping I remember this right) Scott, the book has been signed and is on its way as we speak!

6 Responses to Signing at Powell’s Books, Cedar Hills Crossing

  1. jeditigger

    You know, Greg, we love you on the east coast too….

  2. admin

    And I would urge you to explain this to the folks at Bantam, who seem to think that my readership is confined to the West Coast.

  3. tmcm

    It was a great reading.

  4. scotthampton

    Thanks, Greg. I wish I could have been there. And the fine folks at Murder by the Book were awesome.

  5. jjgalahad

    If you pointed me at contact information for Bantam, I’d happily explain to them that Denver, Colorado is much nearer to you than the East Coast and full of indie bookshops.

    If you came to Colorado, I guarantee you’d have fun. Lotta history to explore and the Air Force Academy allows self-guided tours.

  6. dewline

    Guessing they could use notes from Canada as well…

    *resolves to remedy the lack!*

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