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Signing at Murder by the Book, Portland

Yes, today (meaning Wednesday, 6 May)! Well, actually, tonight, at 7pm, I’ll be at Portland’s Murder by the Book on Hawthorne for a reading, Q&A, and signing. If you’re in the area and can make the event, I’d love to see you there — and I will happily sign novels, comics, or even body parts, provided they’ve been properly cleaned first!

11 Responses to Signing at Murder by the Book, Portland

  1. jaydici

    Actually finished Walking Dead last night. I find it hard to say I enjoyed it due to the subject matter, but it was really good, and very engaging (I read it in 24 hours after it arrived on Monday). I want to comment more about it but I am trying to keep the comments spoiler free which makes it difficult. The final action sequence was very satisfying with how it ended. I liked the return of the old faces, but I would have liked to see more faces included there. Over all it’s a good end for Atticus. I think it brings him back a bit closer to who he was in Keeper, who I always found seemed like he would fit in well with me and my friends bitching about the Star Wars prequels. Where in the last couple of books he seemed almost like a completely different person. Very much looking forward to more of Tara though.

  2. lithera

    My experience with the book was similar in terms of how quickly I read it and how it felt. I also enjoyed knowing some of the places he was. Out of all of the airports I’ve spent too much time in, I have to say Schiphol is the nicest.

  3. lithera

    I’d have you sign my arm but it would wash off.

  4. jenjen4280

    That is a fantastic bookstore! My partner and I went there when we visited Portland. I remember they had really funny categories for books.

    Good luck with the signing! (Maybe you should stipulate that body parts should be attached to their original owner…)

  5. lancescott

    Currently planning to be there!

  6. jeffrey

    provided they’ve been properly cleaned first!

    Well never mind then. :)

  7. faintheart

    Tangential to the main topic, but I thought I’d mention that I just snagged the last available copy from the downtown Seattle Barnes & Noble. :)

  8. jmorse

    How the heck do they expect an established author to gain any traction if there aren’t enough books to go around, much less having the books in a place a non-fan might find them as new releases?

  9. faintheart

    I was thinking it was a good thing, as in, “This book sold out within a week of it’s release, we should order more immediately!”

  10. admin

    Yeah, see, I like that idea! *crosses fingers!*

  11. jmorse

    I need to quit being a glass is half empty kind of guy I guess. I certainly hope this is the case.

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