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Shooting at Midnight (1999)

Shooting at Midnight Cover

Shooting at Midnight Cover

Bridgett Logan is nobody’s darling—a tough New York City private investigator with a powerful but estranged father, a nose ring, a bad attitude, and a history she doesn’t talk about—not even to some time lover, Atticus Kodiak. When Bridgett’s friend Lisa has been accused of killing an abusive drug dealer and pimp, Bridgett is forced to face her past. For it seems the only way to solve the murder and prove Lisa innocent is to go undercover as a dealer herself. And while gaining acceptance into a gang of hardened criminals won’t be easy, it will be child’s play for Bridgett compared with constantly being around the seductive white powder her body still craves.

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Release information

Bantam US hardcover October 1999 0553107208
Piatkus UK hardcover December 1999 0749905123
Piatkus UK paperback June 2000 0749931744
Bantam US paperback July 2000 0553578278


Rucka’s best yet, on all levels.
—The Dallas Morning News

Edgy, complex—a triumph!
—The Philadelphia Inquirer

First-rate suspense…Strong writing and intelligent plotting, but best of all are Rucka’s characters: edgy, complex, interesting to a one. And Bridie is a triumph.
—Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

This is prime Rucka, deliberately paced and wound tight…. This book will keep you awake until you’ve finished the last page. And maybe even after that.
—Statesman Journal, Salem, OR

A palpable sense of danger drives the narrative…in a breathless barrage of betrayal and brutality. The result is a crime novel that…possesses a relentless and nearly irresistible force.
—Publishers Weekly (starred review)

A thumping good story…a whiplash ride…with more hairpin turns than an alpine highway.
—St. Petersburg Times

Anything but traditional. Rucka creates a morally ambiguous world…. Rucka’s deft exploration of this theme deepens and enriches Shooting at Midnight, raising it way above the average private eye novel.
—Mystery News

Rucka has introduced an exciting new PI, complete with an intriguing backstory and a rich cast of characters. Bridgett is cynical and tough, and she’s as dedicated to her work, her clients, and her circle of friends as Spenser or Milhone have ever been. This is a series to watch.

A dark, fascinating tale of love and trust and redemption.
—Sunday Tribune Review